…there’s no mystery in how to run the WURLD properly… let the children do it … #TBSU…

…like a lot of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, I spend a lot of time merely observing folk… people-watching is a satisfying pastime… I do it at airport lounges, restaurants, gatherings… I’ve shared before I spend regular time in my writing den in the lobby of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel here in Abu Dhabi (yeez can see the fancy picture at the sidebar here)… it’s one of the best people-watching locations ever… the flow of pedestrian traffic is constant, and because it’s a beautiful expansive lobby, half-carpeted and half-marbly-tiled…families often see their children turn it into a temporary playground… the confluence of different nationalities never ceases to amaze me, and yesterday I witnessed a microcosm of what I could only hope the WURLD would develop into… it began slowly… a clutch of infants, sitting initially with their Moms and Dads at separate parts of the huge lounge area, eventually did what most kids do… got bored just sitting and ‘behaving’… the age range prob’ly 3 to 5 years old, certainly no older… the exploratory coupla steps away from the parents developed into a wider range… and they discovered other, new, playmates… it didn’t take long for a game of ‘tag’ to ensue… running, giggling, laughing, and yes, a wee bit of high-pitched kids’ shrieking resulted… ultimately, of course. as each family made its departure, child by child, the group were reined in and they left the hotel to go their disparate ways… so what’s so interesting about that, Master Gallacher? yeez may ask… here’s the thing… I’d bet these children had never seen each other before yesterday afternoon… and, (this is not the beginning of a silly joke)… one was Asian, one was Black, one was White, and one was Arabic… go figure… so, here’s yer thought for today… what the heck is it that gets in the way from childhood to supposed mature adulthood that often f*cks up the WURLD at the levels of those who ‘run’ the planet for the rest of us?… give it to the children, I say… right, FILOSOFIE over for the day… get back to yer WURK, folks… move along… NUTHIN to see here… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ


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13 responses to “…there’s no mystery in how to run the WURLD properly… let the children do it … #TBSU…

  1. Hatred, Bias and most other negative aspects of our psyche seem to be taught rather than inborn – perhaps that’s why it is said – “And a little child shall lead them” by someone wiser than us in ancient times 🙂


  2. so true, seumas. and these are my people, the ones i work and play with every day in my kindy classroom, the 4s and 5s. and they are brilliant and i am in awe of their natural wisdom and openness to the world and all of the people within it. it all comes naturally, and does not change until they encounter an adult who teaches them otherwise.


  3. I want to be sweetie monitor please and you can go back to being milk monitor Seumas. Children are naturally sociable so I reckon one day a week we bring in parents to see how it’s done and maybe lose their prejudices. The world would be at peace if kids had the choices.


  4. There was that Benetton ad wasn’t there, with a row of babies of all different colours and the text was something like, ‘They don’t know they’re different until we tell them.’

    Good point, well made.




  5. laurie27wsmith

    Oh so true Seumas. If we were all blinded to colour it may be a better world.


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