Here’s Yer Man!

…my compadre, Ailsa Abraham carries this bit of fun today 🙂 enjoy,.. and thanks, that wummin! 🙂

The Bingergread Cottage

Our guest today is pretty famous. He’s very well-known as an author, he’s everywhere on FB and a few police stations would like a word with him too. I adore his humour and we regularly converse in fluent Weegie on-line so I was chuffed tae bits when he accepted my invitation to come and chat at the Bingergread Cottage. I just hope he isn’t into deep-fried small terrier!

Some of Seumas' work Some of Seumas’ work

Seumas, Big Man! Welcome. Sit yersel doon (no I better stop that – Cameron is hooting with laughter at me). Yer man there will get you a wee dram… Irn Bru? Yes we can do that… oh and look here, Cam likes you, he’s raided my private store of Tunnocks’ Caramel Wafers for you! No, Cam – five is quite enough thank you. Leave some for your darling Sis.

So, I know you are originally from Govan –…

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2 responses to “Here’s Yer Man!

  1. The mans a legend in his own lifetime.


  2. … legend in his own lunchbox, more like ! 🙂


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