…Authors, yeez don’t need a camera to capture mem’ries… #TBSU…

…there have been many occasions in this ol’ Jurassic’s life when I felt I was marching to a different drum than other folks around me… and for that I have no regrets… fr’example I’ve never owned a camera… I’ve ‘fessed up on this blog many times before now about my Triple-A level ineptitude with computery gadgets, laptops and such… things that need ‘clicking’ and ‘switching on and off’ of stuff don’t gel too well with whatever side of my brain is supposed to handle that… another is I’ve never ever had a driving licence… never wanted one, never missed not having one… too much fidgety ‘mechanical’ coordination required in my ‘umble opinion… I’ve lasted this far without these attributes of advanced computer knowledge-ing, driving skills-ing and camera-ing… and it adds to some people’s opinion that I’m basically just ‘a bit soft in the head’… so be it… then I can get into discussion with photo-takers and ask, ‘the last time yeez took a snap of people in a particular setting, what do yeez remember about the place? …what were yer people doing?… were the kids laughing, having fun?… and most importantly, did yeez join in that fun?’... y’see, often folk will show me things like pictures from family gatherings, or holiday trips, or school graduations… and yet are unable to tell me what was really going on at the the time they were taken… too busy getting the light and shade right… or the grouping of mug shots aligned, tallest at the back, wee smouts in the front, sort of stuff… babies-growing-up pictures… black-and-white or fancy coloured images in frames seldom capture the pleasure of the moment… ask any author(ess) worth his/her salt, and they’ll tell yeez, the best writing comes from the mem’ries of things past… the awareness of the present… and the visions of the yet-to-come… quill-scrapers don’t produce from paper photographs… sure, there are excellent photographers who prove the exceptions to the rule, but yeez don’t have thousands of photographers of great fame to reel off yer tongue… great writers yeez can remember in bucket loads… and as for mobile phone ‘selfies’… hardly take the place of great biographies… no, for me… the Nikon order can stay on the back burner for a few decades longer… just sayin’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ


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9 responses to “…Authors, yeez don’t need a camera to capture mem’ries… #TBSU…

  1. Well Seumas, I can see you’ve entered the 21st C with a knowledge of computer thingies and put it to good use. I swore when I finished work I’d never touch another one of the beggars but here I am on them more than I was when I did get paid for it.
    Like you I’ve never had a driving license and up until recently had no regrets at all about it but it clicked with me recently that had I bothered to learn ( which I’m not sure I could without being a danger to one and all) then I could get about a bit and maybe meet some of my fellow authors.
    Where my biggest advantage over you comes though is cameras ………since they no longer require film to be loaded, and they can self-focus better than I could do the job, all I have to do is point and press a button and even I can manage that.What’s more, they’re preserving memories for me of events I might otherwise start to forget or that might blur in my mind. I know who was sitting where way back at my 60th and who was pinching pie from my plate. From the vantage point of your eyrie I would imagine you could take some fantastic shots and more so at some of the events you attend, just to prove who you were standing next to when the stink bomb went off.
    My little Fuji is a second memory in case the original goes kaput..


    • ..David, you’ve gotta believe me, even with the so-called ‘idiot-proof’ modern stuff, If I tried to take a picture with any of them they are likely to explode, or end up with a great montage of the clouds in the sky above everybody’s heads … 🙂 🙂


  2. i can totally identify with this seumas. thank god i can take some pics with my phone, though even that is not idiot proof so it doesn’t always work. like you, i like to live and remember the story of what was happening most of all. guy in my old office told me i was the person in the office who did things to the computer even he could not figure out how they happened or how to fix them. i say that was just keeping him on his toes. yes, i cannot build or fix or use anything in the mechanical/computer arena, but i can make you cupcakes in any flavor, tell you a story, or write you a haiku. and those are worth something….


  3. I come from a long tradition of terrible photographers and I could not agree with you more. At least with digital cameras you can delete the pictures rather than end up with paper copies… Although at least I’m sure people who worked at the photo shop would have had a laugh.


  4. laurie27wsmith

    I find photography fascinating Seumas. Photos that I star in, especially from childhood I may have some difficulty remembering about at first glance. When I’ve taken them myself there’s been a tendency to take the picture in the mind first. I take a bigger percentage of animal and nature shots these days and immerse myself in them. Technology and I aren’t strangers, I’ve crashed more computers than I care to count, then I began to understand them. I built my last one and it’s still going strong. If some spotty teenager with a bent for things techie can do it, then I reckon I can give it a go. Living in Australia one really has to drive, unless you live in the inner suburbs. If you want to really get around, well, a car’s a necessity. Everything is so far apart, yes there’s public transport but it’s not like the UK or Europe.
    Different strokes I guess Seumas. -)


    • ..you’re correct, of course, Laurie… my idiosyncrasies are more from lack of opportunities to develop these skills ( and probably a bit of sloth and trepidation thrown in for good measure ) cheers , that man 🙂


      • laurie27wsmith

        What took my interest as a wee boy was getting to take a few photos with a Brownie box camera. The thing that drove me on with computers was, I didn’t like the idea of paying a small fortune to have someone do something I could learn to do. (A bit tight I think) 🙂


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