…once upon a time… in an Irish bar in Noo Yawk City… #TBSU…

…it’s been more than thirty years since this ol’ Jurassic called a halt in his unequal tilt with booze… let the record show I surrendered only after a gallant twenty-year campaign to drink the WURLD dry… I used to say regularly, ‘…I’m not as think as people drunk I am…’ …I still pour drink measures at home for other people the way I used to take it, and wonder why they keep falling off their seats… bluudy amateurs!… the jousting with the electric soup wasn’t always a happy engagement, but there were occasions with its involvement of truly memorable delight… it was February 1982, on a week when Noo Yawk City experienced one of its coldest ever spells… back then it wasn’t called ‘Polar Vortex’… it was just ‘winter weather’… on a pass-through business visit to the Big Apple, a pal of mine, (a Consul-General no less from a country which I shall not name, in order to protect the guilty) and I ended up in a place called the Green Derby Bar on a Saturday night… despite my name, I’m actually Scottish (yeez might have noticed that before), but the ‘Gallacher’ traces back to the Ould Country… the clientele in the Green Derby was unmistakably Irish to a shamrock… a splash or twelve of strong waters was taken as the party warmed up… back then, I used to sing a bit in Gaelic, (the Scottish version, Isle of Mull, Tobermory), and it didn’t take long until the other Bhoys got wind of this and tempted  me into rendering ‘Danny Boy’ in Gaelic (didn’t take much arm-twisting, it must be said)… the instant devotion that drunks seem to spawn for other drunks in song was great fun… now here’s the thing… they had a bar raffle for a bottle of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey (what else?)… most of the customers bought tickets, scribbled the names on the reverse and into the raffle jug they went… the draw took place round about slurring time… and the name on the winning tab was… Seumas Gallacher!… great acclamation went up… the cap was thrown away and the bottle passed around the company (no glasses required, thank you, Mabel)… then I discovered… every raffle ticket had my name on it! … dontcha just LUV the Irish! … slainte!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ




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14 responses to “…once upon a time… in an Irish bar in Noo Yawk City… #TBSU…

  1. I wonder if it’s something in the blood of the Gaels and the Celts that makes us such a sentimental bunch or maybe the water of life has just diluted that patch in us so it takes less topping up.
    Iechyd da Boyo.


  2. so, so funny. and what good luck you had, seumas. what lucky odds. ps – i am irish/scotch too, a kennedy. it seems a protestant and a catholic fell in love over there and had to leave to marry some years back. it’s how we ended up in the states. also 1/2 italian. not the easiest mix to swallow.


  3. That’s great! I should imagine that was one mightily hearty rendition of Danny Boy.




  4. Ah, the memories you evoke! I’d pay a big price to ‘time machine’ back to Noo Yawk for ‘Danny Boy’ sung by the kilt-man… 🙂


  5. laurie27wsmith

    Redraw, we demand a redraw. You must have golden tonsils there Seumas. -) they were very well lubricated.


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