…if yer wee book’s going out to meet people, make sure yeez dress it up nicely… #TBSU…

…when this ol’ Jurassic was growing up in Docklands Govan in Glasgow about a hundred years ago, money was a scarcer commodity than honest politicians… I recall often the phrase, ‘…there’s no shame in being poor, but there’s no excuse for not being clean…’ …for example, at kids’ birthday parties in the neighbourhood (and at least fifty squealing offspring were always present) the faces started off at least shiny and well scrubbed… some tiny lads even sported neckties… that lasted about fourteen nano-seconds into the party… and the wee lassies inevitably had ribbons in their hair, which remained there only marginally longer than the neckties on the boys… but the thing was, yer Mammy ensured that yeez went to the party looking yer best… now that I’m regularly sending my own little literary babies into the Big Scary WURLD of the internet, I’m minded to do the same with them… dress them up as nicely as I can… I’m talking about cover page WURK here… in the next week or so, my current objective is to publish ‘Self-Publishing Steps To Successful Sales’… my account of how this old f*rt has managed to have books generate 75,000+ sales/downloads on the ePublishing merry-go-round… so far, great encouragement for this next wee masterpiece has been forthcoming from lots of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… it won’t pretend to be an experts’ guide to all things eBook, but merely demonstrate that with less than zero computer nous, yeez can be successful on the Amazon Kindle gig… the fun part for the last few days has been in designing the cover page… I don’t want yeez talking about my wee baby and making comments that I don’t send it out to meet yeez in its best bib and tucker… watch this space… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ


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14 responses to “…if yer wee book’s going out to meet people, make sure yeez dress it up nicely… #TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    I thought that I was well dressed Seumas, then I looked in the mirror and changed into fresher bib and tucker. XD


  2. In the rarified atmosphere you’ve been working in recently Seumas with the festival, I expect best bib and tucker will at least entail Tails and Top Hat?


  3. Counting the days to see the wee bairn!


  4. Look forward to seeing it. I’ll dig out my ball gown.


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