…which face do yeez wear in the mornings?.. the nasty or the nice?… # TBSU…

…I often wonder if there’s a ‘Grumpy Pill’ sum’where that people take when they fall out of bed in the morning… now, I’m not saying that this ol’ Jurassic’s the Smiler of the Week each morning either, but by and large, I think I’m fairly mellow in my approach to most days… but recently I’ve observed a clutch of candidates for A*sshole of the Month… my early morning writing routine is quite constant… the lounge lobby of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu Dhabi gives me access to my croissants and coffee… and I tap away at the laptop for an hour or two… as with airports, hotel lounges are fabulous ‘people-watching’ places… the serving staff, an array mostly of lovely young ladies from various nationalities, look after their guests splendidly… everybody is greeted with genuine smiles and waiting time is non-existent… should make all the guests happy, right?… wrong!… time after time, my sense of proper manners gets rude shock after rude shock… brusque, abrupt, downright bluudy rude people bark at the staff… to be answered with, guess what?… further smiles, that’s what… I would like to think it’s not because the serving staff have seen and heard so much of that kind of rudeness that they’ve become inured to it… no, what it amounts to is that these young ladies have more politeness in their little fingers than the ‘must-have-clambered-out-of-bed-on-the-wrong-side-again’ brigade… but, there’s good in everything, as my Mama used to tell me… for me, it makes me want to ensure that my own behaviour is on the positive side… for which my reward is tons more of these great smiles… I thoroughly believe we each have a choice when we wake up as to how we approach the day… which face do yeez wear in the mornings?… the nasty or the nice?… I’ll be watching yeez… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ


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24 responses to “…which face do yeez wear in the mornings?.. the nasty or the nice?… # TBSU…

  1. I was taught that manners and smiles cost nothing but are worth a lot! I also grew up in the belief that no one is worse than me and no one is better. Treat everyone as you’d wish to be treat and you’ll get firther faster.
    Well said Sir!


  2. I like to be soooo quiet in the morning. I can’t abide an ass who abuses people at any time of day. I think it reveals a serious personality flaw when someone abuses serving staff.


  3. i love the morning and that is my favorite and most creative time of day, as well. i have always enjoyed waking up to a new day to see what adventure it will bring. as for the servers/staff, i worked my way through school and my single mom years as a waitress, bartender, and caterer and have seen some unbelievable behaviors from people, both awful and wonderful. to me, the way you treat someone in a service job shows a lot about how you approach people and the world in general. good for you, for making these experiences only make you a better person. maybe someone will learn by watching you. i knew i liked you, seumas ) beth


  4. It’s very much a case of you reap what you sow. I like to approach the day with a smile and a friendly word for the people I encounter, and on the whole I get smiles and friendliness in return.


  5. I like mornings, though I rarely smile since people find it disturbing. (Cf the fine PG Wodehouse story”The Smile That Wins” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Smile_that_Wins )
    Rudeness to waiters & waitresses is nothing to do with mornings or any other time of day, it is merely an infallible sign that someone is an arsehole and I would want nothing to do with them.


  6. Sadly some people suffer from BRF (Bitch Resting Face) which means their default expression makes them look angry with the world, even though they might be in a perfectly good mood at the time. I think these people need our sympathy and support. 🙂


  7. I loved the article Seumas! Working in public service for most of my life showed me that you can’t let someone else’s attitude dictate your own. I won’t let my joy be stolen just because someone is rude or having a bad day. I don’t take it personally, I just smile, bless them, and move on. Of course, in my younger years, I would have dumped a pot of coffee on their head. 🙂


  8. Excellent post, Sir. Having worked in a game store for six years when I first got out of grad school, I can’t tell you how beautiful it is that 85% of customers are civil and polite, and a good 30% of those go above and beyond in the nice and friendly category. But I could never let that 15% ‘I’m having a poopy day so I shall take it out on someone who can’t fight back lest they lose their job’ people ruin anything… And it was always a lift when the next person in line commiserated about the jerk before and thanked me for putting up with it with a smile. That always made my day. I’m 100% sure you would have been in the 30%, Sir. Thank you for that.


  9. laurie27wsmith

    You’ve struck a chord here with viewers Seumas. It galls me to see people being so rude with those who are there to look after them. It’s an I’m better than you attitude, I wonder if they’re as grumpy to their significant others?
    “I woke up grumpy this morning.”
    “It was her turn to make coffee.”


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