…forget the ‘Best-seller’ tag… every single, solitary book sale is a source of joy to an Author… #TBSU…

…they say nepotism’s okay, so long as yeez keep it in the family… same thing with having yer Grannie and Uncle Fred buy yer masterpieces on Amazon Kindle… I well recall, not so long ago, when my first wee crime thriller crept nervously onto the eBook carousel… the sheaf of emails sent to pals asking for their support yielded a coupla handfuls of downloads… a peek at the Amazon sales page every ten minutes back then went on for about a month… and, lo and behold, sales began to appear… in the singles and doubles, then a dozen or so on one day alone, then the flood gates opened, and this ol’ Jurassic though he’d died and gone to Writer Heaven… it’s impossible for emb’dy truly to understand beforehand what’s gonna make yer novel successful or not… in these past two and a half/three years the Literary Gods have been more than kind to me… with a combination of fully-priced offerings and Amazon Free Promos, and lately the Amazon Countdown Program, the Jack Calder series continues to attract readers… a wordsmith I may pretend to be, but I haven’t enuff of them to tell yeez properly how grateful I am for the support and genuine LUV that comes in torrents from the SOSYAL NETWURKIN connections on here… do I still look at the Amazon sales figures on a daily basis?… yeez can bet yer sweet a*ses I do (tell me truthfully any of yeez scribblers out there who don’t!)… oh, sure, there are some days when no download movement takes place, even if yeez shake the laptop to make sure it’s working… however, my aggregate sales downloads to date have far exceeded my wildest expectations, but I can tell yeez that when even one, lone, single, solitary, isolated, sale gets recorded, that marvellous feeling happens every time… long may it continue, and for all of yeez fellow scriveners, I wish yeez the same… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ

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11 responses to “…forget the ‘Best-seller’ tag… every single, solitary book sale is a source of joy to an Author… #TBSU…

  1. Ah I wish that happened to me. Unfortunately, I’ve written a bunch of books I have to stand over people and MAKE them read. The worst part is that when they do, they really like them. It does hamper the viral spread slightly though! Phnark.

    Ho hum…




  2. as it should be, seumas. it is like sending your child out into the world and having people like him/her.


  3. Heading for the top, one sale at a time.


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