…Authors, the importance of being earnest about SOSYAL NETWURKIN… #TBSU…

…for emb’dy who’s met me, yeez’ll readily understand my ability to blether at will… I could natter for Scotland at the talking Olympix… bit of a Medya Tart, really, truth be known… and this ol’ Jurassic’s entirely comfortable with that… however, I’m 100% aware that many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land are not so much at ease with the self-promotional side of this writing business of ours… fear not—a solution is at hand… more a solution at the fingertips… the access to good old Uncle Internet takes away the need to be actually face-to-face with these real people creatures out there… the power of SOSYAL NETWURKIN is awesome… and I say this from the experience of sumb’dy who couldn’t even switch on a laptop properly five years ago… y’see, as I’ve intimated before many times, and I’m sure most of yeez also realise this… the scribbling is the comparatively easy part of this business of writing… getting yer masterpieces prominent in the readership market needs… nay, demands… a ton of invested time  and WURK in building yer platform… yer potential market for yer opus… every day, I ask myself, ‘…what have yeez done, Master Gallacher, to perpetuate yer SOSYAL NETWURKIN?’… or WURDS to that effect… here’s the thing… I know thousands of folk… I know Bill Clinton, Madonna, Wayne Rooney, Lee Child, that wee Rowling lassie, and tons of others… but, they don’t know me, so that’s no bluudy use in selling my novels… people have to know who yeez are… where yer books are… how much they cost… what JONGRR yeez write in… where yer blog is… up steps the great machine called SOSYAL NETWURKIN… now, the names listed above still may not know me, but thousands of other good people now do… because I got real about being present on the ether waves… and many of them are the wonderful readers who buy my WURK… so, Authors, please, please, please, understand the importance of being earnest about yer SOSYAL NETWURKIN… go for it… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ

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19 responses to “…Authors, the importance of being earnest about SOSYAL NETWURKIN… #TBSU…

  1. Very true. And it takes a long time because the relationships you build have to be genuine. I have a network of tens but I console myself that tens is better than twos and threes :-).




  2. And we luvz ya all the more for it; for taken time and trouble to not simply advertise, but to actually interact with us! Means a lot Sir.


  3. It’s no good. I’ve no Scottish blood so can’t blether. I shall have to take a quick trip and see if I can kiss the blarney stone without falling or losing my glasses and see if that helps. I can blog from now to Kingdom Come but can’t get my head round this promoting lark worth a damn.
    I’ve a lovely friendly following but it doesn’t translate as sales so I’m falling down somewhere.
    Giveaways, escalating cost days from 99p to £2.99 and discounts haven’t worked noticeably either so maybe prayer comes next?


  4. i love that you are a media tart. i could not have described you in any better way. hugs ) beth


  5. The thing I find a bit frustrating about authors (including those I’ve featured or had as guests on my blog) is that even when presented with golden opportunities, in the form of appearing on blogs (other than their own), they still don’t get one simple fact – People like to have authors and books recommended or introduced to them by people other than the authors.

    SO, when the authors (or their books) have appeared on someone else’s blog, their articles can be shared, tweeted, Facebooked, etc, etc, MORE THAN ONCE!

    From my side, I only have time to spread articles once to a zillion media networks, groups in Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Indie Writers Support (IWS), Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc, (which I do both automatically and manually).

    But the authors CAN use these articles and share them as often as they like, for as long as they like!

    On the other hand, authors like you, Seumas, DO retweet, re-share, etc, and that can make a HUGE difference to book sales and becoming a household name.


    (Rant over) LOL 😀


    • … thanks, Chris… yes, it’s ALL part of the deal… 100% in, and support everybody you can , without being silly about it… paying it forward is also gratifying… your efforts are fantastic, that man… thanks for being a pal …


  6. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's New (to me) Authors Blog and commented:
    Authors – LISTEN to this man – HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT 🙂


  7. Excellent post, Sir! I knew it was a part of the process, but hearing it stated like that (complete to imagined bagpipe music in the background) is like the Crispin’s Day Speech in Henry V. For he that networks with me shall be my brother, and those offline and now abed shall think their authorhood cheap that they were not here…..


  8. It would also help if we all could have a personality like Seumas’ – quirky, outgoing, funny, entertaining – totally charming!


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