…Authors, good help is hard to find… never mind the wages, feel the hours… #TBSU…

…I blame the boss… snarky, demanding, relentlessly pushing, pushing, pushing for more production… caring not a jot for how many hours at a stretch I WURK… sleep a sum’time coincidence… holidays?…are yeez kidding me?… and the salary… well, think of a wage less than a pittance and half it… then it dawns on me…the boss is ME!… ouch!… no employment tribunal to refer complaints to… no independent Human Resources committee to refer to for salary adjustments… perks?… well, yes, if yeez include the loneliness of the long-distance virtual candle-lit garret dweller in there… nob’dy to bug yeez while yeez scribble away at yer next great masterpiece… as a self-publishing independent yeez can indulge all the stress and strain of trying to be a D-I-Y expert in the A-Z of eBook publishing, alone… yeez are not obliged to share the load with emb’dy… yeez are permitted to be selfish about retaining the burden to yerselves… sound familiar?… then ye’re one of us… the happy band of the New Age quill-scrapers in a WURLD blessed*/accursed* (*delete whichever is inapplicable) with the internet and all the trappings of the SOSYAL NETWURKS… self-publishers are the modern version of the Stoics… some may even suggest latter-day Masochists… hair-splitting p’raps… but soldier on we do… and do yeez know what?… I’m LUVVIN IT!… it’s a 0%-100% gig, no in-between, no parking yer a*se on the literary fence… full-metal-jacket immersion or NUTHIN… do any of yeez recognise the symptoms?… there must be a place sum’where to advertise…‘Authors, good help is hard to find… never mind the wages, feel the hours…’…that’s bound to attract tons of replies… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ


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6 responses to “…Authors, good help is hard to find… never mind the wages, feel the hours… #TBSU…

  1. Glad you’re getting so much fun out of it, Seumas. Must admit I’d like a bit of my life back so I could do something else from time to time. Like water the plants maybe.


  2. …I think making the DECISION to enjoy it, makes it all survivable!:)


  3. I’m so glad Jane said that, I must water the plants. The trouble is that writing is such a solitary business that time runs away with us and before we know it there’s another month turned over on the calendar. For those who have partners I suppose there’s a reminder to eat once in a blue moon though I don’t recommend hot food as it never stays hot and congealed gravy is very off-putting.
    For those with no partners it’s ignored alarm clocks because you’re still up from last night and the best diet of all, starvation.
    No writing’s not for everybody but it’s damned addictive for those who do.I think I’m glad I can’t do it any more.( Lies).
    Keep well.


  4. I write best when I really should be doing something else.


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