…a confection of the highest quality… the Abu Dhabi Turkish Delights… #TBSU…


…one of the bonuses of being a scribbler is getting to mingle with people who enjoy literature of all types… pictured above, this ol’ Jurassic spent a wonderful evening in the company of the Abu Dhabi Turkish Delights… a most appropriate name for a Ladies Group from the Turkish community in Abu Dhabi… through the gracious invitation of the organiser, Nilgun Gokkent (second right) and good friend Betul (front right), yours truly’s first book, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, was under the ‘scope… and what a splendid job these ladies made of reviewing it… seldom does an Author have greater pleasure than to be immersed in a group whose intellect and insight create a lively and insightful discussion… such was my reward last night… for a writer, it’s not only good, but almost mandatory, to escape from the virtual candle-lit garret from time to time, and get amongst real people (they do exist, y’know)… these ladies understood everything I shared about how, as a quill-scraper, yeez try to plant early bits in yer novel for later discovery by yer readers… about how yeez leave some stuff unexplained, letting the story develop in the minds of yer audience as they imagine it to be… about how yer characters attack yer wee grey cells in the early hours of the morning with unwinnable arguments about yer plot flow… we ranged across the efficacy of great cover art work… of pitching yer masterpieces at the correct pricing… of knowing where yer readership slot sits… of how the SOSYAL NETWURKIN is best used to bring followers into yer literary fold… of creating a franchise across yer series of books, regardless of JONGRR… but most all, for this author, appreciating the depth of LUV other good folks have about books, matching yer own… the evening flew by far too quickly, but I trust it won’t be long before I’m  invited to be ‘Delighted’ once again… thank you, ladies, for a terrific  couple of hours in your company…

wall copy 2


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3 responses to “…a confection of the highest quality… the Abu Dhabi Turkish Delights… #TBSU…

  1. You LUCKY devil you.The last time I’d that many women around me I’d stumbled into the stock room of a local store where the mannequins were kept!
    Keep well.


  2. It always helps when they’re stunners too. 😉


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