…some say yeez shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… BORROX!!… 90% of novels are sold that way… #TBSU…

…I’ve just had an interesting exchange about how UNnecessary it is to have a ‘grab-’em-by-the-eyeballs-and-pull-’em-in’ jacket cover on yer novel… my correspondent claims it’s not needed… I don’t only beg to differ… I scream my disagreement!… when was the last time yeez saw a blank cover page and said, ‘…wow, that looks really fascinating, I must buy that!’?... a few years ago, before the Amazon Kindle thingy grabbed us all by the Literary Lapels, I used to take trips to London (I live in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East—‘turned-out-nice-again-today’ territory) to let the bank plastic have a wee change of shopping air… mandatory stops included Waterstones (now absent its apostrophe) to stock up on reading material… like many others, I usually bought by weight, and generally from the murder and crime section… a dozen titles was considered a modest purchase… sum’times the decision to buy would be the attraction of a recognised favourite author… but I can’t ever remember going to the store with a specific title or writer in mind… impulse buying at its best, p’raps, yeez may say, but I bet loads of yeez do it the same way… time was always at a premium… much as I would gladly have camped in there for days, other errands had to be completed… so, choosing the  material came down to whatever products announced themselves as ‘buyable’… in turn, that meant not just good covers, but great covers… now, I’m not talking necessarily lurid jackets, or tons of gratuitous gore splashed across multiple corpses… no, the quality and content of the art work became the principal driver for the first look… the reason to pick the tome up and browse swiftly through the blurb… then into the buying basket… comes now my own foray into the quill-scrapers universe with my own wee crime thriller masterpieces… I have my covers done by a superb creative artist in Manila in the Philippines… so far, his art work has attracted lots of postive commentary… the investment is well worth it… my advice for what’s it’s worth to you fellow scribblers is ‘spend time and focus on getting a great cover for yer WURK’…yeez won’t regret it… here’s my lot :



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8 responses to “…some say yeez shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… BORROX!!… 90% of novels are sold that way… #TBSU…

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Sir Gallacher. Book covers are so important. Even on Kindle I tend to look at the covers to get a ‘feel’ as to whether it might interest me. It has to be relevant as well. Can you see one of your books, instead of having the amazing, appropriate art work on the cover, having a ‘chocolate box’ picture instead? What use would that be. The book cover is the advert.


  2. It’s why I changed mine Seumas, I made the mistake of rushing things and not listening to my little voice screaming at me. Now I think I have the required grittiness on the cover that the story requires.


  3. 100% agreement, Sir. A bad cover can turn hundreds away from reading an awesome story… And your covers are fantastic! Thank goodness also for Ian Berget, our cover artist. The wee lad is AWESOME!!! And he’s not even out of college yet! The book is so much better with his cover and people stop me all the time to complement his artwork.

    But there is a bear trap in the cover debate as well… A really gorgeous and intriguing cover on a really badly written, badly edited story tends to make me even madder that the story I spent money on didn’t live up to it (I do have a wee bit of economical Scots blood in there somewhere…Clan Kerr I think…Sero Sed Serio, that’s me). So both sides, writer and artist, need to be up to snuff I think to make the magic happen. Thank you for a wonderful post, Sir!


  4. Agreed. I spend a big chunk of my book budget on covers and in my view a good cover is well worth it.




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