…how often do yeez say ‘Thank You’?… kudos to a great team at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai… #TBSU…

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… like most of yeez I s’pose, I can be a grouch at times…  this ol’ Jurassic has his moments when the only thought in mind sum’times is to whine, moan and complain… in fairness to myself, however, I do occasionally take a moment’s pause to applaud things such as fine service in a restaurant, or when sumb’dy goes that extra mile for yeez… this week, I’d like to more than just pause… the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai ended last Saturday… I was privileged to participate at several levels in the course of the week’s events… at first hand, I observed the multiplicity of things that went into making it the huge success it turned out to be… a triumph for coordination, organisation and teamwork… one of the collective nouns for swans is ‘a ballet of swans’… these beautiful creatures who glide gracefully across the surface of the pond waters, while their feet are paddling away like mad… the Festival team were that ballet of swans… much labour goes into the event, of course, over an entire year prior to the opening day… the week itself is a whirlwind of activity… from the ticketing reception areas, to the magnificent presentation room management, to the brigades of volunteers, the supreme efficiency of the Green Room managers… the whole nine yards from start to finish… I’m gonna give myself the authority to say ‘Thank You’ on behalf of all we quill-scraping participants, and the tens of thousands of Literature-LUVVIN people who attended… no list is ever comprehensive enuff, and if anyone is omitted from here who should be on it, ‘Thank You’ also to you… here’s the wonderful gang who made it all possible :

Isobel Abulhoul                      Director

Yvette Judge                         Acting Director

Becky Kilsby                         Head of Programming

Jacky Williams                      Head of Operations

Asma Merchant                     Operations Coordinator

Mohemmed Musthafa            Runs the office

Chrissie Searle                      Volunteers and radio

Nicky Mills                            Education Coordinator

Yara Mirdad                          Competitions manager

Cathy Penaflor                      PA to Isobel

Mary Ann Miranda                Author liaison

Hind AbdulRahman               KHDA representative

Tariq Thaljeh                        Dubai Culture representative

Manisha Dutt                       Sponsorship

Carmel Rosato                     Head of Communications

Natasha Shekar                    Communications team

Hiba Kunil                             Communications team

Ronita Mohan                        Communications Team

Aedan Lake                           Web Content

Georgina Walsh                     Authors’ social and cultural programme

Lucy Ward                             Intern

Annabelle Corton                    Intern

Charlie Madsen                      Intern

Lydia Maskell                         Intern

Prachiti Talathi                       Receptionist

Gillian Bourke                        Green room

Jo James                               Green Room

Lisa Bond                              Green Room

Malik Kurshid Khan                Looks after the Festival office building!

WELL DONE!!!!! see yeez all again next year!


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6 responses to “…how often do yeez say ‘Thank You’?… kudos to a great team at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai… #TBSU…

  1. Sounds like you pulled a great team for a Great Event Seumas. I hope it went well and that it’s brought back next year eve bigger and better.


  2. WELL DONE THAT MAN for acknowledging and thanking the Support Personnel who normally go unnoticed (except when something goes wrong)


  3. laurie27wsmith

    That’s very nice of you Seumas.


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