…Found in Translation… when an Author has the urge to speak in tongues… #TBSU…

…if any of yeez have ever visited my hometown, in Dockland Govan in Glasgow, yeez’ll readily appreciate the need for a translator/interpreter to convert the local patois into the more recognisable ‘Queen’s English’… in may have been this need for conversion from Glaswegian vernacular to intelligible WURDS that forced me over the years to try to acquire at least a passing knowledge of other languages… my linguistic quiver now includes a decent college-level French (although I do wish the Parisians would slow down their vocal delivery to at  least a hundred WURDS a minute)… also in there is Scottish Gaelic (the lack of need for which in the international foreign exchange trading markets over the years has been a continual disappointment to me)… add in the capacity to prattle on in passable Chinese Cantonese (the odd mistake in ordering in Hong Kong restaurants still produced a dozen quails eggs in lieu of the intended ‘napkin please’)… the pleasures of conversing in Philippines’ Tagalog has proved a great boon in deepening friendships across the globe with the Filipino diaspora… here in Kamel Kuntry in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, my attempts to acquire proficiency in Arabic have produced more laughter among the locals than Morecambe and Wise ever did in their comedy career in the UK… little wonder then, that my latest little ploy requires professional assistance… the idea is developing to have my wee crime thrillers translated into other lingos and shoved onto the Amazon Kindle links in places like Germany, Italy, France and Spain, where to date my readership figures have zoomed up into single digits… for any of yeez like-minded Lads and Lassies of Blog Land (and who amongst yeez do not want to conquer the literary WURLD?), I’ve found a gem of a connection… I’m sure there are tons of excellent translating services out there, but the reply I had from this site was superb… the site is geared for professional business translations… remember I treat my whole writing gig as a business and I value professional standards when I meet them… I’ll be taking this further… watch this space… meantime have a decko at them yourselves… see yeez later…



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6 responses to “…Found in Translation… when an Author has the urge to speak in tongues… #TBSU…

  1. Seumas, if you ever think of translating to Spanish, although not a professional, I’m thinking of getting into it when I leave my job in a few weeks. I always publish in Spanish and English. I’ll have a look at the site (I’ve found a few places that sound interesting…)


  2. thanks for the great tip, seumas. i could certainly use this at some point. i’m proud to say i’ve taken kindergarten level spanish with my class for 10 years and can now recite colors en espanol as well as translate ‘big pumpkin.’ not to mention my french from high school and college kick in when having more than one beer in a french speaking bar in canada. there seems to be no limits to my linguistic prowess, but i may need a bit of backup from time to time. hope you are enjoying your time in the land of sand ) beth


  3. Interesting, & good luck. Have thought a few times about getting my stuff translated int o Spainish….put off by the cost which wouldn’t be recouped in sales & the fact that my quirky use of language & attempts at humour might not work so well in another language. While my Spanish & French are good enough for practical purposes, I wouldn’t be able to assess how good a job the translator had done.


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