…if ye’re not willing to help other Authors, what’s the point of being on the SOSYAL NETWURKIN circuit?… #TBSU…

…apparently the World Wide Web is 25 years old today… altogether now… Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, etc… yeez’ll prob’ly agree it’s had enormous impact on the manner of communication across the globe… it ‘s not all perfect, with certain unsavoury aspects such as cyber-bullying and the modern disease of spamming… however, on the plus side, this ol’ Jurassic Author applauds the accessibility provided to a readership hitherto impossible to reach… at the tap of a laptop button, my wee masterpieces are available to emb’dy with access to a computerised device… corollary to that, is that those self-same users of electronic plug-ins have similar reach to me… usage? or abusage?… I’m solidly in the camp that enjoys the multiplicity of relationships built up through the various SOSYAL NETWURKIN channels… the majority of these are from the quill-scraper fraternity and sorority… brothers and sisters in scribbling… co-inhabitants of the virtual candle-lit garret universe… the further realisation for me is the enormous generosity of spirit existing within that global writing family… having slogged for most of my life and career(s) in environments reeking of competition and dog-eat-dog scrambling for position or status, it is gratifying to belong in an industry where the ROOLS of engagement seem to have been re-aligned… there are millions of writers/authors/poets/playwrights/journalists/columnists out there on the Web… by and large, I’ve experienced NUTHIN other than great support online… the penny dropped for me a while back… authors have no need to compete with each other… there are hundreds of millions of readers across the world… the battle is not internally versus other scriveners… it’s about combating the external barriers to getting yer WURK in front of all of these potential eyeballs… in so far as I can help other Authors to get a leg up, I do so… if the entire industry on the eBooks and traditional routes raise their communal bar, that surely has to be good for everybody… so, go share sum’thing good about another writer today… ReTweet stuff, share on Facebook, leave reviews, yeez’ll enjoy it, I promise yeez…  if ye’re not willing to help other Authors, what’s the point of being on the SOSYAL NETWURKIN circuit?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ


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10 responses to “…if ye’re not willing to help other Authors, what’s the point of being on the SOSYAL NETWURKIN circuit?… #TBSU…

  1. Absoballylutely! And congratulations on taking the literary festival by storm! Well deserved!


  2. …thanks … enjoyed the festival immensely… now convinced I should publish my Guide to getting mileage thru the social networks via eBooks ..


  3. Spot on. Although I have to confess that I’m really bad at Twitter because it’s so random so I retweet things but always worry that I haven’t retweeted people who’ve passed on my stuff etc etc. I just try to spread the love and tweet/retweet things that I think are interesting.




  4. Cool post, Seumas! Hope we can chat sometime about writing!


  5. Yes, I absolutely agree with all you say, help other people whenever you can, that’s my motto.


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