…one head, so many hats… think I’ll buy a helmet store, all for myself… #TBSU…

…if yeez follow me on Facebook, yeez may have seen this posting of mine yesterday, which picked up a lot of traction:

…’I’m holding a committee meeting right now with my proofreader, my editor, my Kindle formatter, my publicist, my marketing officer, my promotions person, my accountant, my distributor, my budget manager, my sales staff…. so counting myself in all of that, we are now ONE person in the meeting… we Indie Self-Publishers rock!’…

…it seems it resonated with tons of other self-publishing quill-scrapers among yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… at the same time I read a different article on Facebook where sumb’dy opined, basically, that self-publishers aren’t really writers or professional authors… the torrent of disagreement to that lad’s diatribe was superb… for this ol’ Jurassic, it merely underscored the amount of work and invested time we New Age breed of indies sink into our scribbling craft… marry that with my tongue-in-cheek list above of melded roles and duties I assume as a self-publisher and yeez start to understand why so many folks railed against the other guy’s nonsense… there’s a certain point yeez cross when yeez don the mantle of an independent scrivener… that ‘choice-at-the-crossroads’ moment when yeez decide to go the whole nine yards with this fabulous writing business… there is no in-between… ye’re in for either 0% or 100%… I’m happy to be immersed in it… my interaction with fellow authors tells me I’m not alone in this… the onset of the internet and the eBook phenomenon has moved on considerably from the ‘…it’s-tantamount-to-Vanity-Press-stuff’… to a powerful force that’s rapidly changing the traditional approach to publishing… please don’t mistake what I’m saying here… I am not knocking the traditional publishing route… but I believe that industry’s leaders are now alive to the presence (and their own commercial opportunities within it) of a vast global eBook market… as Master Bob Dylan once proclaimed… ‘…don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall…’ …now if yeez’ll excuse me, I’m off for another hat fitting… see yeez later…


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4 responses to “…one head, so many hats… think I’ll buy a helmet store, all for myself… #TBSU…

  1. I think we Indies are almost the norm now instead of the phenomenon we once were. Since finding an agent and then publisher became so hard the hats we wear have become many and in the main we’re doing OK. The profits we see on a hundred book sales are many times that we’d see in the traditional field where Uncle Tom Cobbley and all want their cut. Of course the traditional publisher is still the aim of many of us merely because they can put books on shelves across the world and throw in some publicity. But they have to admit that Indies are starting to get better at that too.
    We’re no longer a force to be dismissed as Vanity publishers since the quality of work available shows such popularity. But, until we’re taken completely seriously it’s new hat fittings for you and I’ll have a new waistcoat to go with mine please.


  2. I wear all those hats, too! I could use a few extra heads at times!


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