…from the mouths and minds of babes… the Literary future truly is with our children… #TBSU…


…I don’t mind children… I grew up among them… yeez prob’ly did the same yerselves… and every now and then yeez get a chance to watch them at close quarters… and they seldom fail to astound yeez… part of this ol’ Jurassic’s calendar of engagements at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai included a couple of schools’ visits yesterday… the intent was to share with the students my experience over the past five exhilarating years of involvement in this wonderful self-publishing gig… I’m indebted to Jennifer Martin at GEMS World Academy and David Platt at Dubai International Academy who facilitated my  presentations on site… I guess the students’ age range was around 13-18… but, as usual, the level of maturity and insights they displayed conspired to convince me yet again that intelligence and a love of the creative arts, particularly in writing, is not dead by a long chalk… I try to listen as much as, or more than I speak when making these presentations… the Q’n’A sessions are always lively and enlightening… teenagers by and large don’t come hampered with the luggage of ‘how-things-WURK-around-here’ syndrome… I derived a strong sense of satisfaction to note these young men and women immediately grasped the awareness that the entire ‘business’ of writing from A to Z no longer stops at just scribbling the stuff down or banging it out on the laptop… their awareness of the intricacies of SOSYAL NETWURKIN is comprehensive… their acceptance that the marriage of the self-publishing thrust with the internet reach meant that their questions were not of the  ‘What is this stuff?’ variety, but more of the ‘How is it done?’… the age gap between these teenagers and yours truly dissolved in a matter of minutes… believe me… I felt very much among an extension of my quill-scraping peer group… these students are already writers, poets, and playwrights… it was a fulfilling day for me, and I very much look forward to repeat visits to watch the further development of their talent… LUV YEEZ….


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    And yet more words of wisdom from my wee Scottish friend, Seumas Gallacher. Give him a read, you’ll be glad you did!


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