…faster than a speeding bulletin… a great bookish book-ended day with Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai… #TBSU…

…a blur of a dovetailed diary day in Dubai kicked off for this ol’ Jurassic with a live interview on colour radio with interviewers Sarah Cocker and Steve Marney… station Dubai Eye 103.8 is located in Dubai Studio City, a bit of a drive from Dubai itself, so up at the crack of a camel’s cough, and out towards the desert we went… well worth the trip… excellent questions on the SOSYAL NETWURKIN allowed Master Gallacher to garble on at length on the airways about the self-publishing slalom of the past few years… late afternoon, and we’re back into the Intercontinetal Hotel base of the Festival to present the Workshop on being an indie in the eBook Age… a full room signalled the possibility of signs for free Kindles or sum’thing… but no… these good folks wanted to know how this old buffer managed to get so lucky on Amazon and the Internet market over the last coupla years… an hour flew by as if it were only 60 minutes… the audience exchanges were as good as any I’ve enjoyed of late… some scribblers are just starting out on their personal writing odyssey… others have the notches on the laptop to show their years of apprenticeship and time-served author journeymanship… I’ve seldom had so much fun with my clothes on… another clutch of names and contacts will ensure continued correspondence with many of the attendees… a sure indication that the self-publishing phenomenon is here to stay… the sheer pleasure of sharing with others of the quill-scraping ilk is unbeatable… each conversation with my peer scriveners so far this week has been an endorsement of the enormous sense of ‘family’… some of them even smiled at my attempts at humour… yeez can’t say fairer than that, Mabel… if yeez click on the link below, yeez might see a clip of forgettable proportion… see yeez later…


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8 responses to “…faster than a speeding bulletin… a great bookish book-ended day with Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai… #TBSU…

  1. I wasn’t sure you’d retain the Billy Connolly accent but there it was, pure Glasgow. Not too sure about the old clown reference though, I thought that was me?
    Hope you’re having great fun.


  2. I love up before camel cough, it has more style than my, ‘sparrow fart.’


  3. Cate Russell-Cole

    Seumas, I am really sick. Just letting you know I am offline for an indefinite time. Still available by email. Blog and Twitter are running on auto. Take care. Hopefully I will be back soon.


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