…let the Literary Festival-ities begin!… #TBSU…

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…when this ol’ Jurassic was growing up in Docklands Govan in Glasgow about a hundred years ago, the definition of a Literary Festival was a weekly visit to the local library to exchange the book borrowed the week before… fast forward to this coming week in Dubaithe Emirates Airline Festival of Literature graces the United Arab Emirates for its 6th iteration… young in years it may be, but it has blossomed rapidly into a vibrant presence on the Literary Festival circuit… voted the Best Festival in the Region in the Middle East Awards 2013, this time around more than 150 authors, poets, penmen and penwomen will mingle with up to 30,000 visitors at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai… and yours truly is a part of it!… the theme is ‘Metamorphosis’… no better label addresses the sea-change currently running through the entire business of writing, with the established traditional publishing industry coming to terms with the onslaught of the self-publishing and eBook phenomena… embracing the minds of the younger population with a view to develop their literary skills an at a early age is a pillar of the Festival’s firmament… the absorption of proper social networking skills on the internet is a core element in that new education… any newcomer to this wonderful world of scribbling will attest to that truth… little wonder then that I feel blessed and honoured to be involved in a couple of college visits with teenage students to pitch my tuppence worth of experience of late in this quillscrapers’ ‘New Deal’ whirlwind… after that, on Thursday, March 6th at 17.30 pm,  I’ll be presenting a Workshop, spouting on about how to drive interest and access to yer masterpieces through the virtual channels… and the bonus slot on Friday, March 7th at 11.30 am, is being allowed to introduce the irrepressible Pam Ayres as she entertains the audience with her unique and brilliant brand of pithy humour and poetry… come and join us… it’s gonna be a blast… I s’pose I better send back that book I borrowed 50 years ago in Govan in case they don’t let me in… see yeez later…

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12 responses to “…let the Literary Festival-ities begin!… #TBSU…

  1. and what an adventure it will be, seumas!


  2. Congratulations Seamus – sounds like it’s going to be an amazing event to be part of!


    • … gonna be tons of great experience… we roll on, m’Lady 🙂


      • I can imagine! My Angus is in Abu Dhabi at the mo, and he says you lot are all rich and drive really posh cars, so I’m guessing that your event is going to be seriously opulent, and you’ll have young large bosomed beauties swooning all over you. Well done you! 🙂


    • ..ummm… I think I may have been home having my hair washed when that bit flew by… opulence, posh cars and young large bosomed beauties?… where do i sign up ???? What your Angus doing here ?


      • These big bosomed beauties are normally hanging off handsome kilted authors – no? 😀 Angus is doing a thing for Elite Agro – poor guy – he got assaulted by a dodgy water thing before he flew out, so interesting flight, and he’s never been to that part of the world. He shares your Scottishnessness too by the way. I’m thinking of hiring thugs to beat the large bosomed ones of him on principle, so if you want any beatings done I’m your woman!


  3. This is good Seumas, I am however anxiously waiting to see if Pam Ayres immortalises you in one of her poems. 🙂


  4. E B Miceli

    Hi, Seumas! Is there anything at the LitFest for those of us who find the workshops and chats a wee bit out of our budget? What day would be good to go in that case?


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