Give me a …hint, indice, aid to guessing…

… read and enjoy my pal, Ailsa Abraham, who more than excels in her rebuff of a stroke… humour used a s a weapon to combat Life’s negatives… cheers, m’Lady 🙂

The Bingergread Cottage

No postal charges! No postal charges!

Some of you may have noticed a dearth of posts on this blog recently for which I apologise. I had a stroke from which there are complications and I find it quite difficult to write (rather inconvenient for an author).

There are, however, some very funny games to be played. For a start off I can now join in with Hypochondriac Poker which is a National Sport in France. Whatever someone is suffering from, another person has to “black cat” it, coming up with a friend or relative who also had this condition. Scoring is easy. Double points if they actually died from it, astounded the medical profession and lived or total trump if it was you personally who had it.

In my village the average age is well past retirement so I can indulge in “see your ovarian cancer and up you permanent brain damage”. This…

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5 responses to “Give me a …hint, indice, aid to guessing…

  1. True – but my uppercut tends to miss now that my vision is a bit blurred…can still kick in the shins quite well 😀


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