…Authors, if yeez can’t get yer name onto yer own cover page jacket, get it onto sumb’dy else’s!… #TBSU…


…vicarious pleasures come in all different shapes and sizes… watching yer favourite football team win something big… seeing the least favoured contestant win a competition of any kind… the emergence of a young adult from a child… I could cite many here… of late, this ol’ Jurassic has tracked at a distance no further than a couple of laptops, the creation of a wonderful piece of literature… for the past two years, my pal and writing buddy, Author Jody J Ballard, and I have laughed with each other, cajoled and encouraged, empathised, and yes, sum’times, sympathised, as we each laboured with our respective wee masterpieces… thankfully for both us, we scribble in separate JONGRRs… as a professional counselling therapist and insightful ‘people-person’, Jody knows more about the human psyche than most of yeez have had hot dinners… her recently published tour de force, THE SMELL OF MUD, is a superb story of the interaction of a group of women ‘way back in the late 1800s in a remote mining town in Montana… these ladies have fallen as far as women can fall… the recounting of their conjoined journey back to dignity and the triumph of human nature is the bedrock of Jody’s novel… the relevance to modern day circumstance will not be missed… next week, at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai, Jody will be present and will be giving a workshop on ‘Life and Balance’, primarily about relationships… a session not to be missed if you’re at the Festival… and, she quotes yours truly on the back cover page of her masterpiece… yee haw!… how cool is that! look out for the movie version within the next coupla years … it’s not known yet if Master Gallacher will be given a leading role as a back cover populator… (with or without the kilt, shirts optional…)

…yeez can find THE SMELL OF MUD on Amazon Kindle, go fill yer boots…


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4 responses to “…Authors, if yeez can’t get yer name onto yer own cover page jacket, get it onto sumb’dy else’s!… #TBSU…

  1. MM Jaye

    I’m sold, Seumas! Going straight in my TBR list!


    • Excellent. 🙂 Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: Seumas GallacherSent: Monday, 24 February 2014 1:58 PMTo: seumasgallacher@yahoo.comReply To: comment+p6twom88z2_g0exsrtzkgwqz6b@comment.wordpress.comSubject: [Seumas Gallacher] Comment: “…Authors, if yeez can’t get yer name onto yer own cover page jacket, get it onto sumb’dy else’s!… #TBSU…”

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  2. I can see the festival is going to be a ball with the two of you there laughing away. Enjoy yourselves.


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