To Tweet or be a Twit? THAT is the Question!

good post from Jo Robinson on the Story Reading Ape’s blog… nice work guys ! 🙂

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Jo RobinsonBefore it occurred to me that I could write anything at all, I was a voracious reader. Certain authors have that certain kind of magical ability that makes you forget about the real world around you, and get lost in the worlds that they create. It’s a form of love, I think. I greedily awaited new books from my favourites, impatiently awaited sequels in series. For any book I truly love I’m always hopeful of sequels. I suppose that any writer who writes something that really resonates with a reader must share something in their character with that reader. Kindred spirits in a way. And the feelings or emotions that those books brought on always made me feel a very real connection to the author. It’s what kept me going back for more. That, and the personal touch. Knowing something about the real person behind the pen.washing-of-the-soup

I remember always…

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2 responses to “To Tweet or be a Twit? THAT is the Question!

  1. Thanks for the reblog that man 😀


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