… ‘AUTHOR’… a Literary Badge of Honour, to be worn with pride… #TBSU…

…this ol’ Jurassic has a rule of thumb regarding visiting and staying for any length of time in hotels …the  better establishments give yeez a sense that yeez are ‘wearing’ them comfortably …I know yeez don’t ‘put on’ a hotel like yeez ‘put on’ an old favourite cardigan, but I’m sure yeez get my drift… in pretty much the same way, for me, ‘being an AUTHOR’ has become a mantle of comfort… it sits easily across these Skottish Skribbler’s shoulders now… …t’wasn’t ever thus, I must confess, but of late, it’s a soubriquet which has kinda snuck up on me… no better evidence presented itself than last night… I joined a wonderfully eclectic group of writers and ‘creatives‘ at a gathering in Dubai… all of us who turned up are participating in some form(s) or other at the upcoming Emirates Airline Festival of Literature from March 4 until March 8th… it was partly ‘getting to know yeez’ and partly ‘a wee reminder of some Festival housekeeping stuff’, which the highly capable team managing the event imparted with ease… rubbing quill-scraping shoulders with scrivener peers and peeresses was an absolute delight… being kinda the new writing kid on the block, despite my sexagenarian status, I revelled in the exalted company… and, here’s the thing, Mabel… it felt comfortable… now I can well understand why novelists, playwrights, poets, screen writers, and all, want to BE at such events as a Literary Festival… it’s where we belong!… that same sense, I’m certain, pervades the thousands of readers and literature enthusiasts who will also attend during the duration of the week… on top of that, yours truly is booked to visit with two colleges in Dubai, to hold self-publishing sessions with the writing students… these will be a blast if my recent past experience in pitching at ‘school careers’ days is anything to go by… so, my Literary Badge of Honour is now well emblazoned with pride across my chest, stamped on my forehead, and pinned to the edge of both my sleeves… LUVVIN IT!! hope to see yeez in Dubai in early March… LUV YEEZ!

Festival logo


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6 responses to “… ‘AUTHOR’… a Literary Badge of Honour, to be worn with pride… #TBSU…

  1. I shall await my invitation.

    First Class tickets, naturally!


  2. It looks good on yo, Sir…and it doesn’t clash with the kilt. Hope the festival is awesome!


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