…a Long Shot at the Shorty Awards… if yeez’ll just give me another two million votes… #TBSU…

…gentlemen, start yer campaign engines….apparently the ROOLS allow for drumming up support… coming to a virtual polling booth near all of yeez… the SHORTY AWARDS
…okay, okay,okay… I think it’s sum’thing to do with the tsunami of Awards Season stuff… it must be in the air, or the water or sum’thing… my dear friend Author Lillith Kain has kicked it all off by nominating me for the SHORTY AWARDS…. it has absolutely nothing to do with my physical stature, I’m assured, and apparently it’s kind of a ‘good thing’ to get awarded if ye’re lucky enuff to get one… I’ve already completed the lies/fibs form (I mean the enrolment form) for nomination as a candidate, so ALL it needs now is a coupla million VOTES from ALL of yeez good souls out there… if yeez wanna help make a happy man very old, yeez can click on below and vote (BTW, yeez need to put ‘a reason’ for the Blogger nomination… such as ‘informative, humorous self-publishers blog’...a-hem) … oh, the modesty of it all… the current odds for winning look something like this:
…that wee Rowling lassie…                                                       5/1
…Justin Beiber’s driving instructor…                                        8/1
…salient parts of Beyonce’s anatomy…                                   12/1
…David Beckham’s hairdresser…                                             16/1
…David Beckham’s hair…                                                         17/1
…Enid Blyton…                                                                         25/1
…Seumas Gallacher (the People’s Champion)…          3,000,000,000,000/1
..so yeez can see the competition yours truly is up against… cast yer votes here :
Seumas Gallacher – The Shorty Awards
See who nominated Seumas Gallacher in the Shorty Awards, the awards for the best of social media.


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11 responses to “…a Long Shot at the Shorty Awards… if yeez’ll just give me another two million votes… #TBSU…

  1. OK, you’ve moved up the polls slightly and are within reach of Beckham’s hair ( please grab one so we can clone his skills). Now on my Facebook page so you should overtake him soon. Best of luck..


  2. Phil Archer

    Good Morning Seumas,

    I hope you still remember your old golfing colleague. I spend many moments reading your very funny blogs. Keep it up. You may or may not know where I currently reside but after Abu Dhabi I spent 12 months in Doha and I am now into my second year in Jeddah. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this. Haha. Now, my very important question to you is this; This week I have been receiving some strange emails telling me that HSBC bank may be in trouble and I should remove any savings from there post haste. I thought HSBC were as solid as a rock. Have you heard any rumours and if so should they be believed??

    All the best



  3. Done because we Brits love the underdog!


  4. Pingback: Marko Palany – nominated The Shorty Awards

  5. laurie27wsmith

    All done old son. 🙂


  6. Done, with the excuse (sorry – REASON) ‘I nominate @seumasgallacher for a Shorty Award in #blogger because… His blog is ALWAYS humorously entertaining’


  7. Done… I went for the seller of all things…sex appeal, and appealed to those females who love men in kilts… hope it works!!! The kilt IS awesome by the way.


  8. Well. I wouldd…but “shortyy awards” seems to want to take control of my Twitter account and post on my behalf.
    No thanks


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