…Authors asking me, ‘…is the Amazon Countdown Program worth doing?…’ …#TBSU…

…there are many roads to Valhalla… or to any other destination for that matter… and yeez each have different reasons for travelling to whatever yer ultimate terminal may be… (a bit of deep, old daft Scotsman’s FILOSOFIE there, Mabel…) …the answer to the headline question above is, ‘…there’s no set answer…’ …since jumping aboard this Literary Ride of the Valkyries, my take on any marketing program has only changed in style and approach, NOT in objective(s)… at the outset, let’s ‘fess up… yeez market coz yeez wanna sell yer masterpieces, right?… but to my immense pleasure, this ol’ Jurassic has discovered broader and richer rewards in pimping my family’s good name throughout the virtual universe (…sorry, Mammy, but a quill-scraper’s gotta try to make a living, too…) …if ye’re a self-publishing scribbler, consider this… if yeez were lucky(?) enuff to have one of these rare creatures, an Agent, or an even scarcer being, a Traditional Publisher, yeez would still have to do a ton of legWURK, mouthWURK, and marketingWURK to sell even a single copy of yer tomes… so, when the Great God Amazon offers yeez the monetarily inexpensive avenue to market (we’re not talking ‘time expense’ or stuff),  why not grab it?… when yeez push yer gear onto Kindle or other such electronic media, the downside is de minimus… yeez wouldn’t have sold any copies anyway, other than those at the end of waiting for the gestation period that the traditional pathway takes… free copies on the Kindle Select Program may or may not generate future paid downloads, but at the very least, yer name is getting out there… the Amazon Countdown Program, where yeez actually get paid sum’thing for the purchases, also helps in propagating yer moniker… okay, the sixty-four thousand dollar question?… how did my recent Countdown gig fare?… Amazon frowns on authors revealing their sales numbers, so let me just say it gave me paid downloads sum’where around between 1199 and 1201, plus some fully-priced sales after the discount disappeared… that’s sum’where between 1199 and 1201 sales I would not have  otherwise sniffed… it entailed a lot of WURK on the SOSYAL NETWURKS and some truly humbling and incredible support from Lads and Lassies of Blog Land out there… the follow-up step is to tease out reviews from these buyers and ensure to include that as part of the ongoing pimping, …(yeez DO NOT SPAM, but be grateful for an embracing readership..) …so, my answer to the question is a resounding YES, by all means do these Programs, but be prepared to WURK yer butt off during the process… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ

Amazon Links for SAVAGE PAYBACK

UK  :  http://amzn.to/1gTgJh0

US   : http://amzn.to/16hKHci

 AUS : http://bit.ly/184hKzs



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9 responses to “…Authors asking me, ‘…is the Amazon Countdown Program worth doing?…’ …#TBSU…

  1. So, why did it work for Seumas? Some thoughts.

    1. A quality product. A well-reviewed book, #3 in the series. Many who read the first 2 might want to grab the third cheap. It’s a thriller, so likely to appeal to all ages, sexes, intelligence levels and countries.

    2. Hard work, you’ve been promoting this heavily on FB & Twitter

    3. That “platform” thing. You have lots of followers all of whom were happy to retweet etc. You’ve built this up over the years, by tireless blogging and self-promotion and also by the reputation your books have gained

    4. Goodwill. In addition to promoting your own stuff, you unselfishly promote lots of other authors, who are in turn happy to share your promotions. Lots of people who’ve never met you consider you a friend.

    5. The mysterious Amazon algorhythms. Having got yourself into the charts, maybe Amazon starts to promote the book. Also people see it in Top 10s and take the plunge. People like to buy popular stuff.

    Anyway, very well done & much deserved. You’ve convinced me to try Countdown myself….but I’ll be happy with 5 extra sales…..it’ll buy a bottle of wine!


  2. Excellent post kilt man!.


  3. Kudos to you. First post of yours I’ve read but it made me smile 🙂


  4. You say it all, my man!
    For some reason, lost 2 weeks of blogs to ‘spam’ – hopefully corrected and starting fresh! Sorry no responses to your post for awhile. Happy and prosperous 2014!


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