…when ‘being in the Lap-of-the-Gods’ really means ‘being in the Lap-of-Yer-SOSYAL-NETWURK-Pals… #TBSU…

…it’s the most difficult thing in self-publishing… trying to find a balance (if there is one) between the very proper need/desire/prayer to get yer WURK ‘out there’ instead of downright ‘spamming’… in the ‘normal’ course of events, this ol’ Jurassic has gone the well-advised track of Blogging-To-Entertain, sometime Blogging-To-Pass-On-Stuff-I’ve-Learned, and most times, Blogging-Just-For-The-Sheer-Bluudy-Delight-Of-It… in passing, if yeez like the blog content, there’s always a chance yeez’ll have a decko at my scribbling stuff as well… and that’s as it should be in my uh-humble opinion… all that gets even trickier, however, when yeez have a Promo going on… when the Great God Amazon permits yeez to throw yer books away for NUTHIN… (as a Scotsman, I constantly shudder the thought), reckoning that people will be so enamoured of yer free books, they’ll knock each other down in the stampede to purchase for cash yer paid items.. aye, right… the current trick is an unconcealed variation of that, the Amazon Countdown Program, where yeez discount heavily the same tomes, and stand back waiting for gazillions of sales… aye, right, again, Mabel… nonetheless, in for a penny (or more like 99 pennies) in for a pound… at least, being immersed in the Promo biz keeps me theoretically from getting into too much trouble elsewhere meantime… my current foray into the ‘stack ’em high and price ’em cheap’ gig has been satisfactory enuff… as it enters the fifth day, and the first and only pricing step-up to an exorbitant USD 1.99/STG1.99, the sales calculator has kicked over into four figures (no decimal places) so far, so no complaints… the amount of drum-beating, however, has been considerable… I’ve tried (very hard) NOT to appear like an outright spammer, but coming back to the opening premise above, it seems yeez will be cut a bit of slack during yer promotional efforts on  behalf of yer wee masterpieces… so long as yeez try to make yer pitch a tad interesting... yeez are creative quill-scrapers… it’s worth applying that skill to yer advertising efforts… if yeez have been assiduous in BUILDING YER PLATFORM through yer SOSYAL NETWURKS, yeez might find, as I have , that rather than letting yer promo be in the Lap-of-the-Gods, it lands in the Lap-of-Yer-Pals-on-the-Web… I’m grateful, and humbled by the sheer amount of repetitive support so many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land have given SAVAGE PAYBACK for the past four and a half days, in RTs , Facebook sharings and general great interface with me… LUV YEEZ

…watch out, here it comes again, oh, that feeling, here it comes again…

UK   http://amzn.to/1gTgJh0       Stg  1.99

US   http://amzn.to/16hKHci      USD1.99



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7 responses to “…when ‘being in the Lap-of-the-Gods’ really means ‘being in the Lap-of-Yer-SOSYAL-NETWURK-Pals… #TBSU…

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  2. A nice little homage to the sixties there Seumas, a favourite of mine. Just in case you haven’t heard it since then http://youtu.be/72Zuq4xDI5w
    Congratulations on selling over 1000 more books. I tried mine at intervals on the Kindle kdp select but got nowhere after which I just gave up. If they’re meant to be read, they’ll be read. I don’t think the Amazon countdown will benefit me unless I back it up with a lot of promo I can’t manage.I really hope you do well overall and maybe we can start playing ‘Big Spender’ when you come to celebrate.


  3. How’s the air up there in four-figure land? Down here it’s murky… 😳


  4. For what it’s worth in my uh-humble opinion, I think you have got the promo bang on Sir. It’s not coming across as spam at all; your post are interesting, entertaining and informative and any way, Matron with her syringe would NEVER allow you to over-do the flogging. (Take that any way you see fit *wink wink*) and you never fail to thank people for sharing or commenting. It means a lot.


    • …thanks , Dianne… I LUV being involved in all of the self-publishing bit… and it’s no use being a shrinking violet about yer WURK.. if ye can’t promo herself, who else can?… it’s the getting the balance right that’s the tricky bit … cheers , m’Lady … enjoy the weekend .. 🙂


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