…when there’s too much month left at the end of yer money… #TBSU…

…I s’pose most of yeez have experienced that strange phenomenon… regardless of how much money yeez make/earn/inherit/find, Life always seems to find a way to claim the bulk of it… excess earnings, cash left over, ‘rainy-day-stash’, is an unknown feeling to the majority of the WURKING population… even before the Global-Financial-Markets-Banking-Musical-Chairs-Disaster forced 99.999999% of the WURLD back into penury, the spendthrift was a relatively scarce creature… nowadays, food-banks, help centres, and scrambling to stay afloat are common-place… somehow, I can’t help reflect back to when this ol’ Jurassic was still in infant school, there were no credit cards, no phone hustlers offering yeez unlimited credit facilities, (for a start much, much fewer phone lines were in place, and mobile phones hadn’t even been thought of yet)… designer labels were generally found on tea packets… yeez saved up to buy sum’thing yeez  wanted, or yeez did without… doubtless, the reality of making ends meet has visited upon gazillions more of us in the past several years since ‘the Crash’… brings to mind the quote from the inimitable Oscar Wilde, ‘…my ambition is to die beyond my means…’ …well, the WURLD’s financial and economic gurus are shaping up to guide more of us toward that flippant fiscal finish… so, Mabel, where’s the bright spot in all of this?… surprisingly, in the fallback status of what people used to do ‘way back when… reading‘s become fashionable again… and the miracle of the Internet and its attendant lieutenants, such as the Great God Amazon, provides cost-conscious release from the affairs of State… no less in the discounted literature flooding the ether… (watch this for a neat segue…) … including the Amazon Countdown Program, where, as it so happens, my latest crime thriller, SAVAGE PAYBACK is currently on offer at less than the price of a handful of broken biscuits… solution to the universal credit squeeze!… there yeez have it… when there’s too much month left over at the end of yer money…  see yeez later… LUV YEEZ…

0.99p/0.99c today, rising to an exorbitant 1.99p/1.99c for the ensuing three days… to Hell with poverty, fill yer boots with books!

UK   http://amzn.to/1gTgJh0

US   http://amzn.to/16hKHci



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5 responses to “…when there’s too much month left at the end of yer money… #TBSU…

  1. How about pausing part way through and having adverts Seumas. I gather they pay well on TV. Or maybe you could get a firm to Sponsor the blog,
    Today’s Manic Ramblings are brought to you by…Clappard’s Broken Biscuit Corporation’ I’m sure there’s a top-up to our, sorry, I do of course mean your income. For a measly 65% I’ll be your manager in negotiations and you get to keep all the custard creams. Don’t they say the best blogs have pictures so you could invite videos or collectable posters…. Just an idea to keep the wolf from the door.


  2. Broken biscuits and cracked eggs from the town hall markets, scrag ends at the chippy, now those were the days. 🙂 Oh yes and cheap books on Amazon now. 😉


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