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…Authors… if yeez don’t blaw yer own trumpet, who will?… be not afraid to let the WURLD see the good stuff! … #TBSU…

SAVAGE PAYBACK is the third novel in the Jack Calder series. For those of you (unlike me) who have not read the first two books in this action/adventure franchise, Seumas Gallacher’s tales are about ISP, an international security firm manned by ex-SAS and other police/special forces personnel who can boldly go where other more conventional authorities cannot.This is the best of the bunch so far (and that’s saying something). In the first two books, the good guys for the most part had things their way. This time they are not so lucky. Pitched against two major drug lords and an ex-SAS explosive expert with a grudge, Jules Townsend’s organisation is at full stretch worldwide, and there are casualties and tragedies along the way. SAVAGE PAYBACK is a page-turner of the first order – I gobbled it up in record time.If you like your action thick and fast and with plenty of international locations, you’ll really love this book. Cinematic, or what? Movie directors, are you listening?


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How Hard Can It Be?

…nice post on some of the travails on the self-publishing Odyssey…

Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing

Since finishing the draft of The Stolen Songbird, I’ve found veritable mountains of small things that all need to be done.

  • Formatting for a self-publishing venture…that could be a whole post by itself. When it finally dawned on me that I had to actually tell Microsoft Word that the paper would be smaller than 8.5 x 11, the page count went from 317 to 406. EEP! Talk about panic! If there’s more pages than I told him there were, will the beautiful cover Ian designed still fit over the book? Doh! I thought the margins fixed all that…sigh…they don’t.
  • All that copyright stuff before the title page… do you just copy it from another book? Make it up? Find it online? Call 1-800-Consigliere?
  • Author bios. Acknowledgements. Page numbers on alternating sides of the page. Gutters. Book blocks. Recto and Verso and a partridge in a pear tree.

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…Authors and Artistes are Ageless… just look at ‘young’ Mick Jagger… #TBSU…

…I’m sure if yeez dig deep enuff into the Great God Google yeez can find out what age authors(esses) were when they wrote their various masterpieces… I’m equally certain there will be no common specific age when this tome or that tome came streaming from these assorted cerebral creative minds… the fascination that news channels and journalists have with quoting the ages of people featured in the broadcasts and newspaper columns is kinda strange to me… yeez know the kind of thing… ‘…snake charmer, Wally Wombat (aged 93) marries ferret breeder, Millie Mortifia (aged 22) at Winchester Cathedral (aged 1178)…’ or ‘…wunderkind prodigy, Bert Bangaloo (aged 3 1/2 months) wins Nobel Mathematics Prize…’ …it’s almost an obscene obsession with relating how long a person has been breathing to the gist of any story that the WURLD has to see… does it matter, Mabel?… the reason I ask emanates from my own WUNDERING if my 136 years on this planet has any correlation to my capacity to quill-scrape… I rather think not… today’s WURLD-shattering news headlines tells me that ‘young’ Mick Jagger is about to become, wait for it, a GREAT-GRANDFATHER… now, the Rolling Stones may not currently be everyone’s image of the zestful, energetic, Artistes Par Excellence, but to some of us of a certain age… and yeez know who yeez are…  who have grown up with Mick and Keefie, and Charlie Watts and Ronnie Woods don’t see the ‘age’ bit as much as the pure unadulterated talent that still rocks the planet every time these guys strut their stuff on stage… and so it is, and so it should be with we scribblers… Ageless, Creative, Talented, Masterpiece-Producers… literary genius has no time limit… literary genius does not count birthdays… literary genius just IS...  rock on, yeez splendid Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… I’m just off to put my Zimmer Frame in for its 10,000-mile overhaul… see yeez later… meantime, rock on  with this superb rendering of Honky Tonk Woman (age not quoted)…


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Are Self-Published Authors Guilty of Sabotaging their Trade?

…for all self-publishers ….. great sentiments, well-shared…

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Readers should be grateful authors work for peanuts – Digital Book Today

…food for thought from Author Thomas Rydder … .. A-men to that man … re-blogging it…the WURLD should know this ,,:))

Thomas Rydder

By Thomas Rydder:

Bet that got your attention, didn’t it? Now, before you run to the tool shed for your pitchfork, I’ll hasten to explain myself. See, this isn’t a “you buncha ingrates” thing. It’s more of a “food for thought” thing. So, as with any good meal, we’ll start out with an appetizer. My personal favorite is stuffed mushroom caps. So:

Mushroom #1 -The books I’m talking about are good books. Good story, nicely laid out, colorful characters, and it moves along. Well edited, too. You know, a quality read.

Mushroom #2 – I’m a reader right in there with ya. I’m a writer, and my debut novel “The Clearing” came out March 1st (shameless plug, wasn’t it?), but I’ve read hundreds of books. So, I’m a much more prolific reader than writer, and always will be.

So, onto the salad (peppercorn ranch for me):

(Click on the cover…

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…I won’t take up much of yer time… I just wanna offer an Author’s heartfelt ‘thank you’… #TBSU…

…this is gonna sound a wee bit ‘deep’, but what the hell… sumb’dy once told me the core of true spirituality is gratitude… and it’s really good for me to be reminded of that every now and then… as with prob’ly the bulk of humanity, I’m given to occasional grumpy spells… yes, Mabel, it’s true… NUTHIN WURLDshattering, y’understand… things like when transport doesn’t turn up when expected… when my football team loses… when it’s too sunny and I’ve forgotten my sunglasses.. (right! shhessh!)… and if I’m lucky I’ll remember the flip-side of how life really is… thinking I was badly off when I’d no shoes, then saw a man with no feet, sort of deal… saying ‘thank you’ is a positive habit, especially in what yeez might consider ‘small’ things, but often have much more weight to them than yeez first realise… fr’example… take the almost morbid fascination many of we quill-scrapers indulge in checking the Author’s Sales/Downloads pages on Amazon Kindle… sure, it’s great when yeez get a flood of activity, with dozens, maybe even hundreds of sales in the first flush after a book launch… pleased, yes… excited, yes… tickled with yerselves, prob’ly… but ‘grateful’?… hmmmm, p’raps not the first emotion… now, here’s what I’ve discovered… there are days when nobody on the planet sees fit to snap up my crime thriller masterpieces… (…true, Mabel, true…)… then, in comes a solitary purchaser, maybe even two or three… and the overwhelming feeling is… wait for it… gratitude… it’s all it takes to make an author feel affirmed… so, I won’t take much of yer time… I just wanna offer an Author’s heartfelt ‘thank you’ from myself, and I’ll be so bold as to include that on behalf of all the scribbling Lads and Lassies out there in Blog Land… to each person who’s honoured me and us by picking up a copy of any of our WURKS…. LUV YEEZ … see yeez  later…

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…at the very least, yeez have to meet the Author’s Lottery God halfway… #TBSU…

…it’s a chestnut almost as old as me… Old Percy implores his God, week after week for about thirty years, to let him win the National Lottery… and complains every week when he never wins anything… ultimately, a booming voice from the heavens above pleads with him… ‘…c’mon, Percy, at least meet me half-way with this— buy a ticket…’ …I often think with some of the legions of quill-scrapers I rub up against on the Web, the same maxim could well apply… very few of us wouldn’t welcome the adulation, the fame, the moolah, the whole-ten-yards-that-comes-with-success trappings of being a multi-millions best-seller… then I note fellow-scribblers banging their first wee baby offering on to the marketplace… and five minutes later whining that nobody’s buying their masterpiece… that the Publishing Giants aren’t battering down the doors to their virtual candle-lit garrets with contracts worth trillions of bucks… that the phone connection to the Nobel Literature Prize Panel has been singularly silent… that Amazon Kindle downloads are less than a pair so far… that John Grisham, Lee Child and that wee Rowling lassie haven’t been in touch looking for writing tips… there may be differences in the manner in which self-publishing indies and traditional route authors get to market… but some things are precisely the same… yeez have to pay yer apprenticeship dues… yeez have to build a track record of at least half-way decent material… and in most cases, yeez have to produce a lot more than just one sole, single, solitary, lone, isolated piece of literature… yeez have to meet the Author’s Lottery God at least halfway… practice doesn’t always make perfect… but no practice certainly won’t achieve the consistent levels of excellence expected from a reading public which isn’t daft… serve yer time at the learning stool… get cranking on the prosaic production stream… and who knows, the next lucky winner might be yerself … see yeez later…


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