…Author/Reader BOOK CLUBS of the WURLD… you are WANTED!… #TBSU…

…I’m not known as a computer-gadgetry Jurassic for NUTHIN, y’know, Mabel… I still do a lap of honour if my Apple Mac lights up when I switch it on… but there are times when yeez just get dragged kicking and screaming into the modern age… my natural instinct is to do mental arithmetic and cerebral calculations rather than use pocket-calculating devices… I’d rather scribble things down with a pen or pencil before tapping away at a laptop… little wonder it is, then, that it’s taken this long for some things to grab hold with me… the most recent Luddite-Conversion-Phase involves SKYPE… that instrumentation you should not use when you’re in the shower (unless, of course, yeez have a different kind of conversation on it than I normally have… a-hem…)… it occurs to me, that having my face at the end of a visual link-up with another screen, continents away, with good folks peering at it from the other end may not actually be a bad thing… context, Mabel, context… I’m thinking live interactive sessions as a talking-head quill-scraper, sharing with the likes of Author/Reader BOOK CLUBS of the WURLD... doing the suave, sophisticated, polished writer bit… well… doing the writer bit, anyway… people asking questions about the ‘who’s’, ‘why’s’, and ‘wherefore’s’ in my crime thriller masterpieces… digging for the lowdown on a virtual candle-lit garret-bound novelist’s existence… Q and A’s by the trillion… well questions by the trillion at any rate… answers p’raps subject to lawyer’s vetting first… it may come as a surprise to some, but I genuinely enjoy conversing with real human beings out there… interface with readers is the Holy Grail for most of we scriveners… so, if any of yeez are a part of, know of, attendees of, any groups who may be interesred in SKYPE sessions with a deluded ol’ Scots writer… I’m yer huckleberry… initial contact please on my email, seumasgallacher@yahoo.com   …cheers, all… ooops, Matron heard me shouting… here she comes with that bluudy syringe… see yeez later…

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4 responses to “…Author/Reader BOOK CLUBS of the WURLD… you are WANTED!… #TBSU…

  1. I tried Skype in the shower and blew all the electrics in my block of flats. I wont tell you why I happened to be using Skype in the bathroom though … seriously your idea about connecting with readers is a great one!


  2. Best of luck with this Seumas, it beats 3 seconds of an authors attention at a book signing 🙂


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