…Authors and Artistes are Ageless… just look at ‘young’ Mick Jagger… #TBSU…

…I’m sure if yeez dig deep enuff into the Great God Google yeez can find out what age authors(esses) were when they wrote their various masterpieces… I’m equally certain there will be no common specific age when this tome or that tome came streaming from these assorted cerebral creative minds… the fascination that news channels and journalists have with quoting the ages of people featured in the broadcasts and newspaper columns is kinda strange to me… yeez know the kind of thing… ‘…snake charmer, Wally Wombat (aged 93) marries ferret breeder, Millie Mortifia (aged 22) at Winchester Cathedral (aged 1178)…’ or ‘…wunderkind prodigy, Bert Bangaloo (aged 3 1/2 months) wins Nobel Mathematics Prize…’ …it’s almost an obscene obsession with relating how long a person has been breathing to the gist of any story that the WURLD has to see… does it matter, Mabel?… the reason I ask emanates from my own WUNDERING if my 136 years on this planet has any correlation to my capacity to quill-scrape… I rather think not… today’s WURLD-shattering news headlines tells me that ‘young’ Mick Jagger is about to become, wait for it, a GREAT-GRANDFATHER… now, the Rolling Stones may not currently be everyone’s image of the zestful, energetic, Artistes Par Excellence, but to some of us of a certain age… and yeez know who yeez are…  who have grown up with Mick and Keefie, and Charlie Watts and Ronnie Woods don’t see the ‘age’ bit as much as the pure unadulterated talent that still rocks the planet every time these guys strut their stuff on stage… and so it is, and so it should be with we scribblers… Ageless, Creative, Talented, Masterpiece-Producers… literary genius has no time limit… literary genius does not count birthdays… literary genius just IS...  rock on, yeez splendid Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… I’m just off to put my Zimmer Frame in for its 10,000-mile overhaul… see yeez later… meantime, rock on  with this superb rendering of Honky Tonk Woman (age not quoted)…


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15 responses to “…Authors and Artistes are Ageless… just look at ‘young’ Mick Jagger… #TBSU…

  1. What a pleasure to see the Stones live and in action. At just 100 I’m probably too young to remember them so I defer to your 136 years to inform me that this rendering of Honky Tonk Woman is faithful to the original recordings. I see Mick has his zimmer frame parked not too far from yours.


  2. Life is awesome no matter the age. Just watched the new Rush concert video for Clockwork Angels and those guys, like the Stones, still bring it to the table. Love both bands and still dance in the aisles of the market when they come on over the speakers. Life’s too short not to dance to fine music or to feel a swell of awesome at reading a good story. I think it’s down to passion. If you love what you do and find joy in breathing and having fun then age is pretty much in your head. And you are so not a day over thirty…what’s this 136 stuff?


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  4. Here here, by God! The whippersnappers have Miley Cyrus (eek) and rap, but we had 10,000 waving cigarettes lighters and bands that played real instruments. A testimony to the ageless, and how art can make us so…well done, brother 🙂



  5. Reblogged this on anastaciamoore and commented:
    This is so so true, and superbly written, by a man who is . . . wait for it . . . . wait . . . . 130+ years old, by his own admission . . . hahahaha . . . . blog on!


  6. A toast to you sir! Looking pretty dapper for 136 years! Age is but a measure of how much experience one has gained through their existence on this realm of life, and as Thomas says ‘our’ music was so much better than some of the drivel that inundates our poor ‘old’ ears nowadays hahaha . . . Miley and Justin Beeberboo can’t hold a candle to the music of the ‘good old dayz’!
    Cheers /|\


  7. I first saw the Stones live in ’72 when, in my humble opinion, they were at their very best. Now it occurs to me that if Mick is a great granddad, that makes me… oldening, and fast.

    By the way, you don’t look a day over 125.


  8. I see you as more Bill Wyman than Mick Jagger……..


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