…spare a thought for the Philippines today… EVERYBODY you meet is fighting some battle you know NUTHIN about… be kind… #TBSU…

…ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! …another warning of a pending FILOSOFIKAL bit from the daft old Scotsman… ‘fess up time… I have familial connections to the Philippines, and lived in that country for 12 years… like anybody with a scrap of feelings, my heart is torn with the visions of the aftermath of Super-Typhoon Haiyan… it’s an accepted fact that bad news, horrific images, disaster and catastrophe are all bedrock fodder for the 24-7 cable news channels from whatever country… I listen with only half an ear to the just-landed-ten-seconds-ago-on-a-first-class-flight-from-Ghoul-Land television commentator ‘experts’ … their two-minute summaries of why-the-Philippines-is-so-Ph*cked-up prob’ly written on the plane coming over from wherever… thankfully, I know differently… let me tell yeez the Philippines is blessed with some of the most wonderful people on the planet… I’m not gonna touch the issues of governance, military or policing… there’s enuff other ‘gurus’ who’ll dispense their ‘wisdom?’ on those… I’m talking the ‘real’ populace here… the families who strive daily to make a living as best they can… and I understand the human spirit that nurtures the people who literally have NUTHIN but the clothes they stand up in… and yet… and yet… and yet… they keep smiling… they keep singing… they play basketball… basketball in the aftermath of a disaster?… sure… they get busy doing things to lift themselves… it would be much easier to give up… to surrender to the fates… allow the ‘poor-me, poor-us’ feeling to overwhelm them… but they don’t… they fake it until they make it… playing basketball is normal… smiling, dancing and singing is normal… and God knows, normality in that turmoil is a sought-after golden nugget… sumb’dy told me recently, and it still lingers with me… EVERYBODY you meet is fighting some sort of battle you know NUTHIN about… they just don’t let it hang on their faces, on their body language, in their conversation…. be kind… be gentle… and if yeez are of the praying sort, spare a thought or more for yer fellow beings in the Philippines… LUV YEEZ… see yeez later…

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8 responses to “…spare a thought for the Philippines today… EVERYBODY you meet is fighting some battle you know NUTHIN about… be kind… #TBSU…

  1. Excellent post, Mister. I’ve a number of friends there who’re keeping me updated. Reblogging to my readers, if you please.


  2. You, my dear sir, are a very perceptive gent with a good heart. Yes, pretending to be normal helps make normality and it never fail to amaze me how the human spirit copes with the many, often silent, battles each of us face each day. I have the utmost admiration for the people who face the disasters worthy enough of world news. They get on with life making the most of what little they have. Many of us who deal with the personal disasters could learn much from them.


  3. … thank you, Dianne… unhappily, having lived out in the Far East for 25 years before moving to Abu Dhabi, I saw at first hand too much poverty… it makes me rail against nonsense like spending trillions of dollars to go to Mars for a drink of water, when millions are actually starving down here … :)…have a great day, m’Lady 🙂


  4. Seumas, thanks for such a great post! I think we get so jaded by cable news and their video footage that we forget about the actual people affected.


  5. Agree with every word Seumas 🙂


  6. I’m afraid there is a horrible tendency of us westerners to make the subliminal assumption that poor people somehow don’t have our feelings. Look at the outpourings of shock, horror, breast-beating, praying etc etc that go on for every little home grown tragedy. Bangladeshis, Afghanis, Haitians, Philippinos cope with the most appalling disasters with massive loss of life and livelihood, and they keep on going. They had next to nothing, now they have strictly nothing, but they keep on and even manage to smile. They are truely heroic people, worth any number of us ‘sensitive’ souls.


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