…it could be the next version of the ODD COUPLE… the ol’ Scots Jurassic (me) and Skype Book Club audiences… #TBSU…

…by any measure, I’m not the most receptive dude when it comes to adapting to modern technology… specifically, the gadgetry and Internet-ism that pervades the self-publishing universe nowadays… ‘fess up time… I purchased my first-ever (and only) laptop just five years ago… I tapped out my first wee crime thriller masterpiece, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY,  using one finger from each hand to type with, and that remains my typing modus operandi… sumb’dy whispered the WURD, ‘Kindle’ to me about three years ago… and explained in mono-syllables how that device WURKS… eighteen months ago, the concept of a Blog was described to me… I was Resister-Number-One-To-All-Stuff-Even-Mildly-New-Fangled… so fast-forward to the present day… the ol’ Jurassic’s thriving away… three crime thrillers on Amazon, last aggregate sales/downloads 70,000+… given a Kindle as gift, and LUVVIN IT!... started a Blog, which I do almost daily, and was voted Blogger of the Year last December… Internet? Web? Gadgetry? they all still utterly baffle me!… but muddle through it, I have done… and, as yet, am relatively unscathed… the message for all yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land is clear… if this old f*rt can do it, emb’dy can! … the wee grey cells are currently tickling at another idea… see what yeez think… the ‘new’ God-lette, Skype, loomed into my writing area about 8 weeks ago, and I think I’ve learned how to switch it on… it occurs to me I can communicate directly with more WUNNERFUL reading folks out there… so, here’s an open invitation… I’d LUV to have Book Clubs ANYWHERE to link on Skype and do Q and A sessions... if yeez are part of a Book Club, or know folks who run Book Clubs who’d like to talk on Skype to a daft Scottish Writer, I’m yer huckleberry … my email is seumasgallacher@yahoo.com … LUV YEEZ

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5 responses to “…it could be the next version of the ODD COUPLE… the ol’ Scots Jurassic (me) and Skype Book Club audiences… #TBSU…

  1. I think we should start a new group ‘Lollards Anonymous’. I too have had to learn this within the last 5 years. Not having achieved 70,000 sales though obviously means


  2. I’;m doing something wrong. Writing a good book comes to mind! Maybe if I ever get round to it my fifth will be the one that does it.
    Take care and have a great weekend.


  3. Love today’s blog! Well done ….


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