…authors, be careful out there… sometimes DEADLINES can produce DEAD LINES… #TBSU…

…after a lifetime of commercial activity WURKING for a living… schedules, objectives, planning, budgets, et al, became second skin stuff to this ol’ Jurassic… came the release of doing-what-I’ve-always-wanted by meta-morphing into a self-published quill-scraper over the past few years… and I LUV IT!… whether the output from the highly-tolerant laptop (so often threatened with death by urination) is enuff to tempt the Publishing House Princes to indulge me is quite another matter… any writer worth his or her scribbling salt will tell yeez the joy is in the creation of WURDS that sing to yeez… it may be that we’re the only one hearing the choir, but what the heck… then I read in several friends’ blogs about the panic and pressures of DEADLINES... and I WUNDER… why give yerselves unneeded stress?… did Michaelangelo ever have the same kinda problem … ‘..Hey, Mikey, can ye rattle off that marble statute of the Emperor’s Missus by the end of the week? we it need it for the new Coliseum opening…’ … I rather think not… now, don’t mistake me… I still have planning and scheduling and things, but at a pace that suits me… not so much DEADLINES, more like nudges toward getting stuff done… for me DEADLINES have the propensity to produce DEAD LINES… some of yeez may comment at this point, ‘…but, Master Gallacher, ye’ve just told people ye’re targeting finishing yer next masterpiece, SAVAGE PAYBACK, by the end of October… isn’t that a DEADLINE?…’ …hardly, coz it’s nearly done… what I have created is an obligation to the wonderful raft of friends who’ve volunteered to do a review of it as the thing gets launched… there’s the target… the reviews, NOT completion of the novel... it’s great being yer own boss isn’t it?… except when it gets all f*cked up, ye’ve only one person to blame… a-hem… any more lovely volunteers for reviewing SAVAGE PAYBACK soon can contact me at seumasgallacher@yahoo.com… LUV YEEZ! …see yeez later …



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3 responses to “…authors, be careful out there… sometimes DEADLINES can produce DEAD LINES… #TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    I feel your pain Seumas. 😦


    • … we’re all bluudy masochists with this stuff, Laurie 😉


      • laurie27wsmith

        There’s no end to it Seumas, my editor is a young woman who has queried all my stuff. I’ve no problem with her pointing out my grammar, punctuation and syntax failings. It’s when they query things that are bloody obvious, or the use words that are above the level of a young adult reader that my goat gets up. It goes on and on. Ah the process of writing.


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