Meet John Dolan

great spread on my good mate, Author John Dolan.. Thanks, Billy Ray Chitwood for carrying this one 🙂

The Final Curtain

Image This trademark picture of John Dolan might lead one’s imagination to suspect that this is a man of daring, perhaps out on safari facing the giants of the animal kingdom, a man of mystery and intrigue. One could look at this image and consider the man under the hat either very timid, or, suspiciously avoiding recognition… I had some other scary thoughts about this man when he interviewed me some months back at his ‘Dubai Dungeon’ with an odd. hulking gray-skinned Cyclop assistant named Digby — hmm! wonder whatever became of Digby (haven’t heard of him in months). Anyway, the Dubai Dungeon was a bit like the hat – deceiving. Actually, John’s blog is called ‘Galericulate’ (defined as ‘covered, as with a hat.’) You can always visit him at Galericulate at The interview of me was indeed original, witty, and also very informative, showing the different shades of John…

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4 responses to “Meet John Dolan

  1. Thank you, Lord G, most kind. I will be sending you the stuffed animal head you so admired by way of appreciation.


  2. Good ‘Shame-us,;

    You’re most welcome, my friend. Why is it your re-blog reads and sounds so much better? 🙂 I told JD on skype that my fondest wish would be to sit with you two at a pub lunch – aah, the education I would get from my countrymen. (The ‘Chitwood’ Clan began in Chetwode, a hamlet north of London many centuries ago. Julie and I visited there in 2007. Now, back in Tennessee, my birth state, I’m talking funny again…’y-all.’) That lunch, methinks, won’t happen but I’ll keep it in my imagination for awhile…

    The best to you, kilt-man, and you honor me by re-blogging one of my posts. If you’re on speaking terms, give Mabel a hug for me…

    Billy Ray


  3. laurie27wsmith

    Great interview.


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