… hey, Chicken Little… the SKYPE isn’t falling down … #TBSU…

… I’ve shared here before that this ol’ Jurassic’s skill set with baubles such as Rubic Cubes approaches the genius class (…oh, such MODESTY!)… Sudoko Puzzles are dispatched during the time it takes soft-boiled eggs to reach hard-boiled status… and I can actually configure Algebra almost as a language… the other side of the mental ability pendulum veers toward the abject and total absence of brain cells… the area in which computer gadgetry skills are supposed to lurk… alas, in this cranium they lurk not… lurkless indeed… non-existent… permanently-out-to-grey-cells-lunch… comes then the newest venture into the wilderness that is the Techie Terrain… the use of SKYPE... the common man’s answer to video-teleconferencing… after consultation with the Idiot’s-Guide-To-Switching-Things-On, buttons were pressed… mouse-clicks were tentatively engaged… and, lo, out of the darkness of the laptop screen appeared the visage of the Guy-On-The-Other-End-Of-The-Connection… the sense of wonder dawned that must also have struck my fellow-Scot, the inventor, John Logie Baird back in 1926, when he created the first televised image…  the screen spoke… I answered… totally unaware of where the camera on my side was filming from, I shifted the angle of the laptop screen until I could see my own wee Alfred Hitchcockish inset pixellation at the corner of it… WUNDER of WUNDERS… now, most of yeez Lads and Lassies out there in Blog Land know this stuff like the back of yer keyboards, but for me, this was another first… and, hey, Chicken Little, the SKYPE isn’t falling down… here’s what else I discovered,  joy of joys to an impecunious Scotsman… it’s FREE!.. silence may well be golden, but speech on SKYPE is silver… the fact that the image of my face on the recipient’s end may appear like the obverse reflection on an oversized dessert spoon is something I can live with… (I’ve often been compared to the south end of a north-facing yak)… now, I WUNDER where I put Lee Child’s SKYPE number connection?… Matron’s here with that bluudy syringe, I have to go … see yeez later…





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3 responses to “… hey, Chicken Little… the SKYPE isn’t falling down … #TBSU…

  1. Showing once again why you were blogger of the year. Some great content your blog has, Seumas, and with such regularity I’d swear Mabel’s coming with an enema instead of a syringe!


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