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blog tour button good

Welcome to my nightmare! lol
I had my post finished, I only needed to add the blog tour buttons and I was set! At about 8pm my time, I found out that my website was running blank. That’s right…all these people trying to visit my site can’t see a darned thing. Trying to get my IT guru on the line has proven to be impossible. Therefore, I am beginning again. Please, bear with me.

It can be difficult for me to really get into a book. I have my favorites and find it a challenge to open my heart to other authors sometimes. Funny isn’t it, that I felt compelled to start my own publishing house? I am very tolerant of other writers, I just don’t always get sucked in.

Most people read for entertainment. They read to escape the harsh realities of their own world. This was how I…

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2 responses to “OF BLADE AND VALOR Book Tour!

  1. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…Seumas, what should I say? If the wizard of OZ was real, he would be given cudos for bringing you into our lives from the Emerald City…that’s where you’re from right? Well, I believe the chivalry I spoke of earlier in our careers is now a modest way of describing how you work. Cheers and thank you so much.


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