Liebster Duce is as Liebster Duce Does

…Master Howell has lived up to my ultra-high expectations of his response to the Leibster Award nomination (he HAS done this before, ye’ll note)… apart from getting my tenure in the Middle East incorrect at 33 years (it’s 25 years in Asia, 10 years in the Middle East ) and ‘TBSU’ stands for ‘THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION’, but I s’pose his interpretation of ‘Backscratchers’ fits the bill just as readily… HOWEVER, he DID spell both my names properly, so he will be allowed to go to the ball after all… enjoy his post …:)))

Fiction Favorites


Yes it is true, I have been nominated by the kingfisher of all kingfisher’s in the blogging world for my second Liebster Award. I am speaking of non-other  than..wait for it…Seumas Gallacher.  If you have never visited his blog you must do so today. You see, he has this wonderful way of telling a story (he is a Scot and all Scots take the time to learn to tell a story). He was born in Glasgow but has lived in the Middle East for the last 33 years, He is the author of two knock out  Jack Calder intrigue novels: THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK both are available on Amazon. He is currently working on another; SAVAGE PAYBACK which will be out..well…when he is finished. Seumas is also the founding father of The Backscratchers Union (#TBSU on Twitter). This is a way to recognize those bloggers…

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  1. Apologies I knew it was Blog but somehow has a missing link. Thank you fo the lovely re-blog


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