… half the lies ye read about are not true … #TBSU…

… I s’pose not too many of yeez are familiar with the name Carlo Collodi, right?… me too, ’til I read it this morning (ain’t Google great?)… it’s the pen-name for a wonderful Italian fellow writer called Carlo Lorenzini... still not ringing any bells ?… he created in 1883 the character of Pinocchio... he of the elongating, extendable proboscis … the snout alarm for fibbers… the facial klaxon proclaiming the benders of the Truth… the ultimate truth-serum-substitute… the Pinocchio effect could usefully be transposed to the new era of the eBook… specifically at an oft-abused element of it… REVIEWS... my take on doing reviews is clearly stated in previous blogposts… I try to punch out about one review per week from my kindle back-log as part of my ‘giving-back’… I gladly tag the reviews with a four-star or five-star rating, BUT ONLY IF I FEEL THE BOOKS TRULY MERIT THAT... failing that, I DO NOT POST THE REVIEW AT ALL… that does not put me into the realm of my puppet pal, Master P. , … I prefer to deliver my opinion on the lesser-tabbed directly to the author(ess) in question… BUT, we’re all growed-up people here (ain’t we, Mabel?)… rumblings and mutterings and mumblings proliferate about ‘doctored’ reviews… the kind that Grannies and Great-Uncles, and coerced ‘friends’ throw on to the Amazon review pages with the ‘this could’ve been a ten-star, but I can only give five-stars’ … and ‘the best book in a thousand years’... ye know the kinda stuff… I appreciate fully when I get the friendly reviews, of course, but I’ve come to acknowledge that the minor ratings also have a place in the ‘credibility’ stakes… not everybody is gonna like my work… let the chips fall as they may, and soldier on … REVIEWS? I LUV ‘EM… BUT ONLY IF THEY’RE HONEST... unlike the newspapers, where as we all know, half the lies are not true… see yeez later…

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8 responses to “… half the lies ye read about are not true … #TBSU…

  1. You really do learn something new everyday! I never knew who originated the Pinocchio story before. I guess I just always assumed it was a Disney thing. Which, come to think of it, is odd, because I did know that all their other movies were retellings of older fairy tales!

    P.S. Thanks so much for the link love! 🙂


  2. Hi Seumas,

    I’ve gotten to the point I don’t say publicly what I’m reading, so the author doesn’t have the expectation of a review. That way if it’s not at least a four star, nobody suffers. I agree completely on not giving low ratings.

    Speaking of which, I just finished three 5 star books, iNation, The Blues Detective, and a really well-constructed young adult paranormal novel called Hidden, by M. Lathan. Off to write reviews this morning. Woohoo! I love writing raves!




  3. Gosh, Seumas, I didn’t know you knew how to spell “ain’t.” I’m proud of you. You’d fit right in here in the south USA. 🙂


  4. Never ignore a stinker of a review – at the very least, it confirms who ain’t your target reader.


  5. I do put some reviews on my Blog Seumas, but like yourself not if I don’t think they warrant a decent review. That is unless they have been given to me to specifically review. Then I try to offer an honest opinion. But, I only put the reviews where they are sought by the author, either on Goodreads, Smashwords or Amazon.

    I think we all need constructive criticism, as it allows us to reflect on any aspects that could be improved. I have had a certain Mr John Dolan proof read (and edit) a little of my work. I felt that I improved by leaps and bounds at his suggested alterations.

    I knew about Carlo Collodi, as this was the first “proper” book I was given as a child. I still have it, with the little inscription my eldest brother and his wife wrote to me on the inside cover. I also still have the copy of Heidi they bought me the following year. This began my love affair with the written word.


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