… how will ye recognise me?…I’ll be wearing nothing but a fireman’s helmet, frogman’s flippers and a rose between my teeth…#TBSU…

… there’s some people to whom standing out from the crowd comes easily… the Lady Gaga, to name but six… (has anyone ever seen what she really looks like?)… Johnny Depp, in whatever guise he appears… Joan Rivers, just by hearing her talking… for the rest of us, p’raps it’s a tad more laborious to get ‘heard above the noise’… but happily, we don’t have to shout… as quill-scrapers, we have an innate element to accost our adoring publics with… our VOICE... no, Mabel, not my rasping Scots vernacular, nor the charming dulcet melody of Matron’s vocal klaxon… we’re talking about AUTHOR’S VOICE... it took me a wee while to catch on to what the heck it meant… ye’ll know it like this … supposing ye pick up a novel… any novel… by, say Lee Child, ye’ll know right away who wrote it without looking at the title page… Clancy, Steinbeck, that Rowling Lassie…and going back a while, Chuck Dickens and even Billy Shakespeare... it’s like their writing stamp … how do ye develop it?… my tuppence worth says, ye don’t… I think if ye scribble and type like ye think and converse, ye’re halfway there already… any time I try to get ‘proper’ writing into it, invariably it comes out all stilted and over-formal… especially with dialogue… the dialogue bit, I believe’s more easy to cure by simply reading it out loud… if ye’ve any ear at all, it becomes kinda obvious… it’s the filling-in parts… the narrative… the picture- and scene-construction stuff that takes more technique… the Masters have it… and that’s also another reason why it’s important to continue to read other authors’ work… the minute I stop learning, I’m dead in the water… new authors come along from time to time that also have that distinctive VOICE... go grab copies of the recent productions from my pal, Master Andrew Peters (he of the Otis King Blues Detective fame)… marvellous inflection… ye almost get inside the writer’s head reading his stuff… now, THAT’S what we want to achieve as peons of the pen… (no, I don’t get a share of his massive royalty checks)… see yeez later…

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16 responses to “… how will ye recognise me?…I’ll be wearing nothing but a fireman’s helmet, frogman’s flippers and a rose between my teeth…#TBSU…

  1. Molly Ann Wishlade

    Now that’s a headline to grab a girl’s attention! LOL! Author voice is amazing when you really become aware of it. Until I started writing, I had never really thought about it in any great detail. Authors had different styles and I liked some but wasn’t so fussed on others. Now I’m far more aware of it and it has given me a greater appreciation of literature! Take Carole Remy, for example. She has a very distinctive voice and she really gets inside your head! The Violin Man’s Legacy and Vengeance Wears Back are in my Kindle awaiting the summer break when I intend to savour them! (If I can stay away from them until then!) I look forward to sampling your author voice. 🙂 #TBSU


  2. Personally, I think you needed that photo of you in a fireman’s hat with flippers and rose between your teeth. It would just go with the whole thing and top it off…like a cherry on a sundae! Hahaha! Nice work! 😀


  3. Fireman’s helmet… Reminds me of a male stripper who… mmm… never mind. Great post, Seumas, as always! Your voice as a blogger is unique and memorable!

    Cultivating a voice is a big part of being an author. To some extent it can be manipulated. Eg, part of my novel voice is short sentences and lots of dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, hearing it read in parts (like in a play) is a VERY humbling experience! Thanks, Seumas! Once again, you’ve prompted me to my next post. Back to the blogging trenches! Woohoo!

    Hugs for all! Hi Molly! Thanks for the kind words!



  4. Molly Ann Wishlade

    You are welcome, lovely lady! True though – your author voice is distinctive and it comes laced with a wicked sense of humour! 😉 And plenty of…ahem…:-0 xx


  5. After getting over the visual, ( it will stay in my subconscious though ) I read on and you’re right. I find it easier to write when I’m true to my voice. Perhaps you could have kept your kilt on though Seumas.


  6. You always provide the most entertaining (and educational) posts. I look forward to each and every one of your blogs, and they inspire me!


  7. Kind words indeed….the cheque is in the post, I concur about the voice thing….if you haven’t got a distinctive one, then keep out of the way and let the characters & story do the work


  8. Maya Panika

    Pictures please!


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