… yer wee character babies are ALWAYS yer wee babies, it’s tough to let them go … #TBSU…

… before yeez all start in on me, I know, I know, I know… yer not supposed to fall in love with yer characters … mind you, there are some I’ve created that are far more palatable than a few of the people I bump into from time to time… ye’ve been there I’m sure… ye build up the main protagonists… sculpt their handsome features (usually Scottish, of course), and alluring beauty (any nationality— I AM an equal opportunity quill-scraper, ye understand)… ye carve out the villains from smelly stuff… and yer all set… except, the minor players have roles too… the back-up link parts… think of it this way… in any company or organisation, the top honchos  would find it impossible to function without the junior staff… the drivers, the secretarial people, the filing clerks… see what I mean?… same in the novels… all the derring-do gets derring-done by the mainstream leads… but the real business often percolates just below the surface … in my two crime thrillers to date, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, it’s easy to recognise the Oscar-Character-Nominees, Mabel… and the subsequent novel SAVAGE PAYBACK (due mid-year…howzat for an early plug, eh!) will have the same cast… at least another couple of books will feature them, too… it’s called creating a franchise (agent’s BUZZWURDS, not mine)… and that’s the way it is… BUT, back to my theme… there’s one bit-part appearance in THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY of a character called Rico... I just doted on that guy… in the mental midnight committee meetings that go on in the heads of most of we scribblers, he kept popping up in mine… and then, alas, I had to write him out of the story… I didn’t kill him, shoot him, murder him, or generally dispose of him in a nasty kinda manner… he just walked away… and, y’know, I still think of him often… wonder whatever became of him… yes, Matron, I’m mumbling…  yes, I’m talking to my characters again… that bluudy syringe looks full… oh dear … see yeez later…


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17 responses to “… yer wee character babies are ALWAYS yer wee babies, it’s tough to let them go … #TBSU…

  1. Seumas, I had a character like that. She first appeared in one book, wasn’t the main character, so at the end she just faded into the background. But she kept coming into my mind asking me to write her story. So I did, and got a cracking book out of it. Might Rico deserve his own story? All the best, Jane.


  2. They can always come back when you least expect….regular readers (If I had any) might appreciate it


  3. Tom Rizzo

    It is amazing when these minor characters stand at the back of the crowd and are suddenly jumping up and down, waving their hand, trying to get your attention. Do you call on them or not? Maybe the Matron has an answer.


  4. Well said Seumas! Enjoyed the post and I agree!


  5. I hope this means Rico is coming back! I once wrote a nameless valet for one scene in a historical novel. He was so human, he wrote himself into the whole book and ended up revealing an important aspect of the hero’s relationship with his father. You never know!

    Thanks for another great post, Seumas! Hugs,



  6. I’ve got a bit-part character in my new offering ‘Shadow Line’ called…


    How’s that for inspiration?


  7. I should add that I had a P.I. in my 2nd novel ‘Remorse’ called Jackson Carmichael who I always thought would return in a more senior role. Sure enough, he is the lead in my next project, which I’m due to start in July.


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