…a-hem… I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award and HUG Blog Award …#TBSU…

I was recently tagged for a blog named the Beautiful Blogger & HUG Blog nomination by my good scribbling chum, Scarlett Flame (Scarlett’s Blog is  missscarlettflame.blogspot.co.uk ) – thank you m’Lady…  😉

Well, I’m not so sure about the nomenclature ‘Beautiful’, maybe the ‘He Hasn’t Deteriorated TOO Much In The Last Few Years Award’ would be more appropriate … 
The ‘HUG’ part I think I can handle …
The Rules:
1.  Copy and place the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post.
2.  Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog
3.  Tell 7 things about yourself.
4.  Nominate 7 fellow Bloggers, tell them by posting a comment on their Blog.
NOW to reveal 7 (supposedly) fascinating things about ME:
1.  I’ve reached the age of 65 without the attainment of a Drivers Licence, thus underlining my inherent belief that I am marked out to travel in the back of limousines, the front portions of aircraft,
and am expected to test-run five-star hotels and bordellos  (and not necessarily in that order)…
2.  In consonance with my utter dismay when confronted with ANY computerised gadgetry, I  purchased my first-ever laptop four years ago with the express purpose of typing my first novel on it,
utilising only one finger per hand at a time … thus I can earnestly claim that all of Master Gallacher’s literary production is DIGITALLY enhanced…
3.  I think it would be a neat idea to produce jigsaw puzzles containing AT LEAST ONE RANDOM UNRELATED EXTRA PIECE in the box without alerting the solvers….
4.  I sometimes ask people at these interminably boring cocktail party gatherings , “Are you anybody in particular?”… and rejoice in the consternation that usually generates…
5.  I am appalled at the manner in which the UK Educational system has mathematics test papers for 12-year-olds which have gone from the relatively easy questions 50 years ago, such as, 
solve ‘the cosine squared root of the inverse fraction of the x + 3yq -(4/287 % x nth quark)’ versus the current-day incredibly complicated , ’10 + 1 – 3′…..
6.  I had a Siamese cat once, which i named ‘Fido’, because I wasn’t allowed to call it’ ‘Trouser’ or ‘Pencil’  … 
7.  I thoroughly agree with something I read elsewhere that wives and sweethearts should understand that ‘peach’ is a fruit, not a colour ….
Step up now my gallant nominees, who are under NO obligation whatsoever to conform here! :):):
Carole Remy
Charles R Stubbs
Miss Wishlade
Chris Petersen
Guernsey Evacuee
Derek Blass
K J Waters


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2 responses to “…a-hem… I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award and HUG Blog Award …#TBSU…

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination Seumas!! I am very honored to be in your company and my fellow nominees as a beautiful blogger! I would like to clear up for your readers that I have a name…kamajowa is my twitter handle. I’m known in literary circles as KJ Waters. :P. I will be posting my 7s very soon! Lubs ya Seumas!


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