… t’ain’t easy being a Media Tart, ye know… maintaining New-Author Icon status is bluudy hard work…#TBSU…

… like that lad, Bo Jesty in the Foreign Legion used to say… if I’d known it was gonna be so time-consuming, I might’ve had second thoughts about joining up… making the transition from the executive suites in the banking industry … to a microcosmic element of the writing industry has NOT been easy… goodness knows, we Scots are famed for our reticent, shy, un-self-proclaiming nature… well, maybe apart from that Mel Braveheart Gibson fella… whom they say wasn’t REALLY Scottish anyway… so for this ol’ Jurassic to be suddenly thrust into the public spotlight has been a bit of a shock to the system … BUT, my peers and peeresses in Blog Land have averred that only 100% engagement with my various diverse publics will suffice… no more of this demure wee persona from Govan peeping out from behind the skirt-tails of anonymity … it’s full, head-on SOSYAL NETWURKIN… smiling from the pages of the Camel-Handlers Weekly, the Kebab-Knitting Monthly and spots in the Daily Whatevers and Whenevers… turning up at author signings and staring at shoppers in the book stores until they threaten to call security… practising in front of a mirror even for RADIO interviews … sheeesssh! … it’s endless, really … now I fully understand why ye never see a SMILING photo of Lee Child, Tom Clancy or J.K.Rowling... the upside is, ye can pretend to be a Legend-In-Yer-Own-Lunchtime if ye want… get sumb’dy to take pictures of ye shaking hands with a ‘devoted fan’ on yer very own Blackberry, then send it all over the world and many other places … bet Dickens never had THAT pleasure, eh, Mabel?… oh, hello, Matron, never noticed ye there… talking to myself again?… who, me?… no!… yes, just one syringe-load ‘ll do fine today, thanks … see yeez  later …


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4 responses to “… t’ain’t easy being a Media Tart, ye know… maintaining New-Author Icon status is bluudy hard work…#TBSU…

  1. Bluudy hard work is right. And I haven’t even started yet!


  2. Molly Ann Wishlade

    So is it worth it? Does the joy of writing and knowing that readers love your work – and that people enjoy networking with you – outweigh the 24/7 attention and effort required? 🙂 I bet Dickens would have loved it! Lol!


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