My original (tor)-mentor extra-ordinaire, the effervescent Jane Wenham-Jones picks up on The Very British Blog Tour… not to be missed.. and BTW, she’s one helluva good writer .. check out her goodies…

Jane Wenham-Jones




Have been having a grand catch-up on my emails (just the 117 now left in my To-Answer folder) and discovered this British Blog Post offering, received on 23rd February, duly flagged up for my IMMEDIATE attention and then lost in the mire, from one Seumas Gallacher who is a v. good chum of mine.

Seumas first emailed me out of the blue back in… oh, 2008 I think it was, and said he’d enjoyed Wannabe a Writer? and he’d love to take me out to lunch. (Apparently I was his third choice after Billy Connelly and Alex Ferguson but they didn’t want to come.)

image001Well, how could I resist such flattery?

Usually I resist it very well actually (not for nothing do I have a chapter in Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? entitled Nutters & Weirdos) but there was something about old Seumas’s email that made me say…

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  1. Jeanine Elizalde

    Love the pictures! What a handsome devil you are…


  2. And it appears I’ve been tagged 😉



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