…vol-au-vents to the left of ’em, volley-pongs to the right of ’em…the thinly-read line…#TBSU…

…d’ye ever stop to wonder why we keep bloggin’ on like this ?…No?…me neither…but blog on we do…maybe it’s to track how many people spot the word ‘irregardless’ as a non-word and hasten to tell ye…or, Heaven forfend, stuffing a misplaced ‘e’ before an ‘i’ after ‘c’…s’a bit like the equation for working out what happens when ye bend a doughnut…unfathomable…these mysteries and many more come zinging at my little grey cells somewhere around 3 or 4 in the morning…the time the Russians call ‘the hour of the wolf’…instead of regular lines of sheep jumping over fences to get me back to sleep, in comes the author’s nightmare…the committee meetings in the brain, with all the book’s characters present, arguing no less…the notional dialogue in my head seems like a cross between Icelandic and Cryllic, mixed in with a dozen yaks baying…now d’ye understand how nuts a writer can be?…last night’s mid-slumber episode was a reincarnation of a piece of the Crimean War…my characters, who had nothing to do with that war, and never will have anything to do with that war…go charging towards a range of unseen artillery..then comes the voice over from SkyNews with the latest football results… I’ve booked a session with the Head Trick-Cyclist tomorrow…meantime, enters stage left, Matron, with an absurdly over-sized syringe…was I shouting that much?…oops …see yeez later …

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4 responses to “…vol-au-vents to the left of ’em, volley-pongs to the right of ’em…the thinly-read line…#TBSU…

  1. robitille

    I had a weird dream that involved Queen Elizabeth II, an art deco vampire, a saber-toothed swordfish, a very large and murky fish tank, my husband, various pieces of equipment, and a case of poor aim. *shudder*


  2. *shudder* indeed , m’Lady !! :):)


  3. johnbetcher

    Thanks for the link, Seamus. Muchh appreciated. Cheers!


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