…once more unto the Blog, dear friends…an aide memoire…#TBSU…

…isn’t it a strange quirk of Nature?…our capacity to remember things is indirectly proportionate to our age…the older I’ve become, the more trying it is to recall ANYTHING of significance…try me on birthdays..totally hopeless…by the way, the easiest  way for man to remember his wife’s birthday, is to forget it JUST ONCE!...the sudden realisation a day later, that you were  supposed  to be somewhere yesterday is all too common…and how many of you dial a telephone number, and when it takes a few moments for the other end to reply, you’ve already forgotten who you were calling?…or walk to get something in the room next door, and by the time you get there, GONE, can’t recall what you were going there for?…yup, tickin’ all the boxes. me…that’s why today’s post is more of a reminder of what you younger bloods already know…what ‘TBSU’ is all about …we started this last year…it’s shorthand for ‘THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION’…in one of these extremely rare epiphanies that descend on my addled brain occasionally, it occurred to me that lots of the BLOGLAND population are like me…keen to support other kindred blogging spirits online…here’s how I do it…in most of my blogs, I end with the Blog Scratchers Corner, where I list ‘Blogs To Follow’….in there I include bloggers who’ve interacted with me and that way hopefully expand the opportunity for all of us to acquire more followers AND blogs for us to follow…don’t forget to put your own blog on the list...I invite you to pick up the names and pass them on…viral is and viral does, eh, Mabel?…it costs NOTHING except yer time and a few clicks on the keyboard…so, why don’t ye try it? …here’s today’s listing:

Blog Scratchers Corner


Blogs To Follow















Share ’em around, Lads and Lassies…enjoy ;):)


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5 responses to “…once more unto the Blog, dear friends…an aide memoire…#TBSU…

  1. Can completely relate to your memory dilemma. Was trying last night to remember the name of a young man I worked with not five years ago. It has floated into the ether.


  2. Onward, Seumas. Onward.
    Into the jowls of dearth wrote the six hunderd.


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