…roll them numbers, Mabel…we’re smokin’ !…#TBSU…

…I’m sure there must be a 12-step self-help program out there called Bloggers Anonymous, or suchlike…(not that it pertains to ME!…)..I’d be asking for a friend of mine y’understand…but just for comparisons sake, let me quote for you digitalizers out there what’s been happening on my web-blog…my initial Blunder into the Bleachers  of the BlogsPeople was May 7th last year…this is now post #130…comments total 1,300+ and an amazing 10,000+ views  recorded in that ten-month period…I reckon I know about a dozen folks, so the balance of the viewing I put down to Auntie Mabel and Uncle Fred, who’ll claim about 4,500 views each…a smattering of lost people looking for other sites, a score of nuisances trying to flog me advertising, and possibly Justin Beiber (who talks to EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD apparently), kinda makes up the numbers…so, as my favourite guru would ask, “what does it all mean?”…I think it means that there’s as many nutters out in that Web-by Universe who have as much time on their hands as I do…and yet, I feel I’m perpetually busy with all of this SOSYAL NETWURKIN…emb’dy else got these symptoms?…if so, p’raps we need to join the group…“my name’s Seumas, and I’m a Blogger”…meantime, let me pause, set aside momentarily the levity, replace it with a modicum of gravitas, and offer a heart-felt THANK YOU!!  to each and every visitor to my site…you’ve made my day, today, and every day for the past ten months…LUV YA!…can’t say the same for Matron, though , here she comes again with that bluudy syringe…see  yeez later …


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12 responses to “…roll them numbers, Mabel…we’re smokin’ !…#TBSU…

  1. robitille

    You’re highly welcome… and highly silly. Which is probably why I keep coming around! 🙂


  2. You are the tops Old man. Keep on roll-en.


  3. Loved it, as always – you brighten my day! But that matron is wicked! I wonder if Stephen King knows her? ha ha


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