…I’m adding clairvoyancy to the curriculum vitae, Mabel…hand me that crystal ball, please…#TBSU…

…it’s not often that I delight in the SkyNews constant mind-numbing chatter…today gave a modicum of respite from the usual anaesthetic blether…gratifyingly no-one was shot today in the Low Countries during the massive diamond heist that took place this morning…but ever on the qui vive for the opportunity to pinch a bit of free publicity for THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, look at the story-line…my novel’s heist was in 1994 dollars, so not so far adrift in quantum from today’s little criminal jape…I lay no claim to predicting mundane matters such as who’s gonna win the Grand National Steeplechase…nor to calling the next political incumbent of whatever colour of House they all live in after election wins…no, indeed…I’ll restrict myself to foreseeing the more ordinary happenstance of robbery, murder, mayhem, and the odd bout of cheating at bingo…I thought of rigging up a direct helpline to my writing garret here in Abu Dhabi…just dial ‘WHATSNEXT’…hit the relevant code...1. for gang wipeouts…2. for sightings of the Loch Ness Monster on holiday in Palermo…3. for a copycat sequence  of ANY alleged service company that puts your call into a domino round of pressing number keys until you give up in frustration…4. the name of my next clairvoyant novel (SAVAGE PAYBACK...due out soon…)…right, Mabel, I think that just about milks that news snippet for all it’s worth…anybody got the number of the Reuters guys?…I wanna report another mob hit in 2014 …what, Matron?…seeing things? ..me ?…No!… I don’t need that bluudy syringe…leave me alone…

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7 responses to “…I’m adding clairvoyancy to the curriculum vitae, Mabel…hand me that crystal ball, please…#TBSU…

  1. janewj

    Hi darling – instantly thought of you when I heard that on the news this morning too! 🙂 Tho the Today Programme for me of course…. xx


  2. LUV IT ! done an all points bulletin on it already on my Blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn..:):) mwaah 🙂


  3. jumeirajames

    I know the feeling – the Pope hides out at Castle Gandolfini then does a runner? Deja vu or what?
    iNation all over again (wait a minute, he wasn’t supposed to do that until 2016. Bugger.


  4. Claire Voyant. I just love her writing, read everything by her I can get my hands on. 🙂


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