…we all need a little food for the soul now and then, Mabel…#TBSU…

…as quill-scrapers, we’re often asked, ‘do you have any particular music or food you indulge when writing?…’…some of us hit the heavy metal rock button, others listen to Andrea Bocelli…others like my friend, Andrew Peters, prob’ly jam with the blues greats…  mood music, p’raps, and as the French say, “chacun a son gout”…each to his/her own… some may nibble on chocolate savouries, others pastrami sandwiches…y’know the deal…whatever it is, if it works for you, then that’s fine…I have my own music/food for the soul, which I’ve shared ad nauseum on here , and I make no apologies for tapping it on here again…I think most creative people—artists, writers, poets—all have that quiet place inside them that can be touched regardless of the nonsense that the rest of the world is up to…this is mine…it can make me weep with the sheer majesty of it, and it ALWAYS makes me feel good…I unreservedly gift it for your listening delight…Andre Rieu, his orchestra and the massed bagpipes and drums, playing Amazing Grace…enjoy…



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8 responses to “…we all need a little food for the soul now and then, Mabel…#TBSU…

  1. It never fails. This one always leaves me with tears the size of erm, horse apples… Andrea Rieu, bagpipes, and Amazing Grace? An amazing combination and a great way to start the week! Thanks, Seumas!


  2. Andy

    Aaaaaaaagh. Suckered in again. And since you ask, my masterpieces are produced in total silence, save for the occasional gurgle of red wine into glass.


  3. ..doesn’t surprise me… these monumental opii what you write is concentrated work…I know, I know, I know …


  4. robitille

    *sniffle* You keep on spoiling my makeup, Seumas. My dad would have loved that. Isaac *definitely* loved it. But… no, I wouldn’t be able to write to it. I’d spend too much time sobbing and sniffling!

    Writing music – usually “angry” dance music, techno, electronica (but not dubstep – that stuff sounds like a seizure for the ears), and celtic punk… So there are still bagpipes, penny whistles, and drums! Writing libation – when at all possible, decent scotch, neat. When not possible, God-awful ‘blended’ Canadian whiskey (oh, the shuddering horror). When I absolutely *must* be sober and responsible, tea… Irish Breakfast Tea or English Breakfast Tea for the most part, but if there’s Darjeeling in the offering I’m right there with my mug. :c)


  5. Ah, my brother, I dare anyone from a sweet maiden to a lumberjack to keep their eyes dry for that one…magnificent! I’ve not heard of Mr. Riea, but I can guarantee that’s about to change…well done, Sir 🙂


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