…how much is that Bloggy in the window? the one with the waggly tail?…#TBSU…

…one of the globally respected traits of the Scot is his/her absolute absence of embarrassment talking about money…not the kinda money that spins yer head thinking about, such as the Euro-Debt Mountain…nor the Cousins-Across-The-Pond’s regular dance with the devil at the edge of the Fiscal Cliff…I mean the more down-to-the-varnish reality of change in yer pocket kinda money…the stuff ye actually have to SPEND…I have traipsed through a decades-long career in the banking universe (now whispered in the same tone as genocide and stealing Luncheon Vouchers from Tesc0)…I have seen the trappings of insanity in Macau casinos when Chinese mega-billlionaires blithely blew fortunes at the Baccarat tables…all these recede into petty significance compared with the spending decisions of THE READER AT LARGE,…the supposed raison d’être of we of the quill-scrapers society…it matters not how many years an author toils to produce his/her life’s work…the solitary confinement in sundry candle-illuminated garrets across the globe churning out the literary opii (plural of ‘opus’, Mabel, look it up, dear)…the stretches of starvation struggling to satisfy the demands of agent and publisher…there IS a limit to personal outlay on A BOOK…I’ve referred in the past to those and such as those who rail against paying about the same as a coffee and slice of cheese cake for some poor writing waif’s work…which begs the question (no, seriously, I’d DEARLY LOVE some intelligent responses to this one)…HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY FOR A BOOK ON KINDLE?...don’t peek at my Amazon pages to see how I’ve priced mine, coz there’s a whole range of opinion out there as to what it should be…while ye munch yer cheese cake and sip yer coffee, give it some thought, and let me know…I’m outa here before Matron gets here wi’ that bluudy syringe…

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18 responses to “…how much is that Bloggy in the window? the one with the waggly tail?…#TBSU…

  1. jumeirajames

    You know how I feel about this subject Seumas – the workman is worthy of his hire.
    I’d pay the same for a Kindle book as I would for a book in Barnes and Noble – IT’S THE SAME BLOODY THING BUT WITHOUT THE HASSLE OF GOING TO A STORE !!!!!!!

    Honestly, is it any wonder I take a pint?


  2. Awful lot of free stuff out there now….I very rarely pay anything at all unless it’s a friend.There are very few modern authors worth following when you get can get something very similar free….and the classics are mostly free anyway.
    The workman is indeed worthy of his hire…..but I need plumbers and painters I don’t need writers.
    Harsh? Maybe…but the Amazon “Free To Kindle” idea is speedily destroying the paid market.


  3. robitille

    I would pay the same for a Kindle book as I would for a paperback – given that said Kindle book contains as much content as that paperback. I find myself irritated when a novella is priced as a novel, however. Most paperbacks are priced in the vicinity of $8 for roughly 100,000 words. Anything lower than that is a nice discount to the reader for the lack of printing and distribution costs, but I wouldn’t discount it *too* much, as there are still marketing costs.


  4. Aye, my brother, a difficult question, and a relative one, to boot. But, for the bestest writer ever, with his name dripping off every tongue from San Francisco to Hong Cong, I’d say a 10-spot (I’m calculatin’ that would be 6 pound, 30 pence)


  5. It is just amazing how the market has changed with the advent of ebooks. It costs so very much to publish a novel, the time, the energy, the social networking. The chores for the author/writer are overwhelming! I do believe that the free book market has been very detrimental to the author to which the book is his/her main source of income. I am not sure what the answer is to this dilemma. I wish I knew. The consumer has been drawn in to the free book market so why, indeed, would they pay money for a book? There are a plethora of books out there, and I have heard that the people who own e-readers have 3,000 or so books back logged in their electronic libraries. I would even enjoy just a review for the free work of art, but that doesn’t always happen either, for whatever reason. I wonder how the value can be put back into the book itself? I believe maybe a profit sharing program from the giants in the industry for the use of that free work to make their millions would be in order. What do you think?


    • To some extent the KINDLE SELECT PROGRAM does allow your books to be borrowed free of charge to the readers , but the author gets a fee for every borrow, paid by Amazon..as to free promos, I use them in conjunction with non-free programs..So far it’s worked out okay ..I’ve seen my downloads total exceed 50,000 last year for the two crime novels, with a ratio of just over 1:1 in my favour paid versus free.. and that gets me a ton of exposure, which, as a relatively new author IS important in my own business/marketing campaign for all of this,…


  6. Initially, if your self published, it makes sense to keep it low and sometimes free to get all the exposure that you can. Once you have a following and have shown that you’re worth it, jack it up. People will pay. Even Scots people 🙂 I see I haven’t answered your question … I have paid more than $10 for a Kindle book. If I like it, I buy it. I do like to get a preview or a sneak peek first, though.


  7. That is impressive! But what is your secret on getting the borrow market?


  8. That is what I have seen as well. Thanks Seumas! Have a great Scottish day!


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