…where have all the readers gone, long time passing?… is humour a GEOGRAPHIC thing?…#TBSU…

…far be it from I, a mere impecunious scribbler secreted away in my desert garret in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East…to cast doubts on the ability for humour to impact better in some geographies than others …but, figures, Mabel…figures they say, don’t lie…as a  throwaway gesture last weekend (that’s throwaway’, NOT ‘giveaway’…), I released on the suspecting world a collation of my blog posts, couched loosely in the HUMOUR (Amer: HUMOR) genre…the usual three-line whip on the family had Uncle Fred and Auntie Mabel purchase the first two…and off we went…or rather, off we nearly went…the first flush of rash splashers of cash piled in from the UK…good ol’ Blighty…North, West, East and South dug deep into the pension pots and bought it…across the Pond, a sparse sprinkling of spenders crept back from the edge of the fiscal cliff and dumped daily dollars on it…thereafter, the Rest of The World voted in utter silence (make that ‘silence’ , coz ‘utter’ denotes a noise)…I can only surmise that the Internet is broken in Canada, Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Italy,and Japan…or it could be that Amazon Kindle is inundated with the massive sales piling in from these regions and cannot keep up with the record keeping…so, just between us cats, here’s the links once more, with my smiling face on the cover…yes folks that’s a REAL picture…none of your inexpensive caricatures…


Links to Amazon:

UK: http://amzn.to/W58SzQ 

USA: http://amzn.to/UNjx1M  




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10 responses to “…where have all the readers gone, long time passing?… is humour a GEOGRAPHIC thing?…#TBSU…

  1. robitille

    It’s a cryin’ shame, Seumas. It’s a screamingly funny little book and should really be doing better in the US.


    • …not to worry. m’Lady.:):):).. it’s a punch at the moon kinda book, anyway… I’d be disappointed if they ignored my crime fiction efforts ..so far they’ve supported me splendidly with these .. this ALL a bit tongue in cheek anyway.. I’m experimenting with angles on marketing stuff …cheers ;0)


  2. Andy

    You do know they speak different languages in those countries? The answer to your main question is yes. I have had very few reviews from people who didn’t find my stuff funny, they were all from the USA . I haven’t really tried to persuade America to buy my latest. I have read American books which promised to be laugh out loud funny and never even smiled .


  3. Oh Seumas, no one will ever be as funny as we Scots! We have that wonderful inherent quality of being able to laugh at ourselves. Out loud! It is my humble opinion (and experience) that most Americans lack this beautiful gift spending most of their ‘humor’ energy laughing at others. So, there you have it. We’re just funnier 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. jumeirajames

    You didn’t exactly say you had a funnies book on Amazon, just an oblique reference. This blog is a lot clearer.

    Am jist sayin’ y’all.


  5. Impecunious scribbler? As the grandson of a Scot living in exile I hope you took the advice of our forefathers (A reminder In American)…”if you have one dollar you can’t spend two.”


  6. Readership is fascinating! Not long ago, I was pondering reading preferences based on gender. So, yeah, what about geography?

    Can’t see statistics on my mystery, “A Purse to Die For”, but my blog stats say I have 3 times more Canadian readers than the next highest group of readers (American), and the rest of the top 10 ADDED TOGETHER fall below that. What nationality am I? You guessed it, Canadian.

    Fewer sales for “The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing” in “the rest of the world” likely don’t reflect a different taste in humour as much as involuntary market protectionism. Not something I recommend since this Canadian delights in your humour! Notice we Canadians also spell “humour” the same way you do?


  7. I think first of all it’s a nationality thing….most of your sales will be on your “home” site…then maybe it’s the type of humour….American’s have the reputation for not understanding irony….though that may, of course, be an unjustified slur…My latest comic masterpiece (the name of which escapes me) has sold 4 times as many in the UK as the USA….nothing at all in Canada….maybe they¡re even worse at irony than Americans.
    Then of course. maybe the Scotchists just aren’t all that funny…..


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