…as useful as a chocolate teapot…my ‘umble take on WURDCOUNT…#TBSU…

…straight up let me say that I profess a deep affection for numbers…I can do the ‘magic factors’ mental arithmetic calculations as easy as politicians tell fibs…I learned  prime number competency at an early age, and still dazzle myself sometimes with my counting speed… comes now the literary angle of the same feature…WURDCOUNT…I’ve read..I’ve heard…I’ve listened…I’ve been befuddled…by umpteen articles, blogposts, columns, advisory pieces…that it’s IMPERATIVE to keep to your WURDCOUNT…target so many WURDS per month, week, day, hour, minute…else yer goin’ straight to Author Hell and yer not comin’ back, Mabel…that’s what they say...borrox, I retort…(new word, Mabel…borrox… it’ll catch on soon enough…wait and see…)…I can well understand it works for SOME PEOPLE, and that SOME PEOPLE embrace the discipline it gives them…but I can’t help wond’rin’,… doozie that I am…how many out there are like me?…just wanting to write at leisure?…and not be bamboozled by the slave-driver need for a sea of print production like an assembly line factory output?…my primary reason for writing is that I ENJOY it…the whole wondrous process of it…pretty parsing play, sentence structure succumbment, validating verbiage…and the assembled committee meetings that constantly go on in my head among my characters…am I to surrender that pleasure to appease the Great God, WURDCOUNT?…not any time soon, Mabel…I’m allowed my opinion, I’m told, so for me, WURDCOUNT is as useful as a chocolate teapot…anybody like a chocolate cup of coffee?…feedback on this as on any of the other trivia I push on to here will be welcome before the WURDCOUNT cops come to cart me away …I see Matron hovering  with the syringe…they must have called her already…see yeez later…

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12 responses to “…as useful as a chocolate teapot…my ‘umble take on WURDCOUNT…#TBSU…

  1. Because we can! Just by pressing a button. If we all had to count them on our fingers, nobody would be bothering!


  2. robitille

    *laugh* Honestly, Seumas, I used word count mainly as a means to restrain myself from doing nothing *but* write. I’m a workaholic! I would write all day every day and get nothing else done if I didn’t have that little number over in the corner saying, “Nope, you’ve had your 1,000 words of fun, Go do the laundry before the whole family’s nekkid!” I don’t see word count as a means to track how much closer I am to a goal, I see it as a means to keep entropy from taking over my home (in which Himself, two sons, and a great big dog also live), which would make writing considerably less pleasant if allowed to continue for too long.


  3. Are you saying my chocolate teapot is worthless? Borrox, I retort!

    We all do what we do, heh? It works for me. I’d have a tough time fitting into any mold.


  4. Seumas, you are too funny! My wife is originally from the Scottish land with a maiden name of Hamilton!! I can hear your accent in your writing! Also that video! Great blog! Mine is http://www.thelindenchronicles.wordpress.com if you like! Have a great Saturday!


    • Hi, Patrick… will certainly follow your blog in the good ol’ ‘you scratch my blog and I’ll scratch yours’ philosophy of THE BLOG SCRATCHERS UNION (#TBSU) …you have wonderful taste in wives ( make that ‘wife’, a-hem )…I’ll include your blog in my mect post of Blogs To Follow.. (my recent posts are all about supporting fellow bloggists ..) cheers Are you on Twitter too?


  5. Hi Seumas, I’m with you! I write regularly but I don’t get hungup about how much I do each day — as long as I’m plodding along with it.


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